Liu Yuhong: Are you sick?

Liu Yuhong: Are you sick?

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The Buddha once said that all living beings are sick, but there is no need for the Buddha to say that, as long as you are a human being, you know how much you are sick Some diseases, absolutely healthy people have almost no. Moreover, what is absolute health is difficult to say clearly, and it is even more difficult to define it. Human beings have different natures. Although the internal organs have the same structure, their vitality and sensibility are different. Therefore, doctors who have just graduated think that there is no disease and cannot be cured, but they find that they are not sure about any disease, because the same disease is treated with the same method, some people can be cured well, and some people can’t. Some experts believe that different therapeutic effects are produced because of the different mentality of the patients.

There should be some truth to this statement, but it is also because of the patient’s The function of the body is unpredictable, so some people get sick inexplicably, and then heal inexplicably without treatment. Many years ago in the United States, there was a teenager who had cancer. When he was going to have an operation, he found that the cancer was gone. There are also some people who died unexpectedly. During the autopsy, many people were found to have cancer in their bodies, but these people were very healthy when they were alive. There are even some cancer patients who are in great pain, while the same patients have no pain and die peacefully. There is no medical explanation for these phenomena.

The person who presided over the physical and mental exercise came yesterday, Talking about the content of their exercises, there are vocal yoga, chanting, and studying traditional classics, etc., for seven days each time. One of the participants suffered from skin cancer (in the hand), and after a period of time, he was unexpectedly cured. When he came to attend, it was not for medical treatment. He believes that because the breathing air of chanting unblocks the movement of the internal air vessels of the body, it achieves the effect of decontamination in the body.

He who is sick, heals himself Confidence is extremely important, and if you have confidence, you will naturally do your best. The energy generated by faith has a positive effect on the recovery, and the illness will be reduced by half. If the patient is afraid and only relies on medicine, his energy will not be able to be exerted.

Faith is power, where there is faith, there is confidence, and where there is confidence, there is strength. Sometimes that power is unpredictable, and it can be wonderful. More obviously, confidence leads to optimism, and it can also be said that only optimism can lead to confidence.

Life is more bitter than happy, luck is not good In good times, most people will be distressed, but if you look at all the difficulties with an optimistic attitude, you will feel at ease. Because bad luck is the karmic result of one’s own creation. Now that the retribution has come, it means that one’s creditor has come. Isn’t it repaying the debt to accept the retribution with peace of mind? Doesn’t it make you worry less if you look at bad luck that way? This is like a door-to-door debt collector. It is time for us to pay off our debts, so we should be happy! Fortune tellers often say that ten years of good luck and ten years of bad luck, not to mention good luck, when bad luck comes, it may cause financial loss or illness.

There is a fortune teller Xu Lewu once said that when you get sick , Doctors come and go, but they can’t cure them. After the bad luck is over, their illnesses are cured without medicine. So keep optimistic, keep confidence, and live hard every day, that is good luck. A person who runs a health magazine said:“Smile, ten years younger.”

Mr. Nan asked people to meditate with a smile on their faces, and the teacher said, if you don’t know how to smile, practice grinning in front of the mirror first Bar! How wonderful it is to learn to grin first and then to laugh.

(Source of article: Teacher Liu Yuhong Sina Blog)