Lingyin Temple held a conference, asking to learn lessons from Nanjing peers, netizens: illiterate key posts should be abandoned

Wenjianghu Xiaowu

“The last time Lingyin Temple was so nervous was in the 20th year of Shaoxing in the Song Dynasty. Qin Hui repaired the prime minister’s house to requisition the wood of the Dabei Tower of Lingyin Temple. The mad monk obstructed and was surrounded by Qin Hui’s people.”

After Nanjing’s Xuanzang Temple was “suspended for rectification” due to the tablet enshrining incident, Hangzhou Lingyin Temple urgently held a general meeting of monks on the evening of July 23 to carry out education and learning activities on the theme of frugality and luxury.

In response, some netizens joked that the last time Lingyin Temple was so nervous was when Lingyin Temple rebuilt the Dabei Tower. When the construction was approaching, the Qin Xiangfu wanted to build the pavilion and the sky tower was in urgent need of wood. The fourth housekeeper said that Qin Xiangyu wanted to forcibly demolish the Dabei Tower, and Jigong showed his supernatural powers to beat the evil slaves. In the end, the prime minister of Qin sent troops to surround Lingyin and arrested Jigong. The monks suffered. Jigong played tricks to arrest Kuaiban and got drunk into the prime minister’s house.

Obviously, Lingyin Temple, the most famous ancient temple in Hangzhou, was held at this node as it was built in the first year of Xianhe in the Eastern Jin Dynasty (AD 326) and has a history of more than 1,600 years. The purpose of the conference is very clear, that is, under the leadership of the abbot Guangquan, it focuses on “introducing the relevant situation of the event of enshrining tablets at Xuanzang Temple in Nanjing”, and read out “About the handling of relevant personnel in the event of worshiping tablets in Xuanzang Temple”.

Among them, Master Guangquan specially mentioned, “The monks of the whole temple should learn from the deep lessons, take them as a warning, strictly check the registration and daily management of super-recommended tablets, strengthen their own construction, and comprehensively and strictly administer the religion. , to carry forward the fine tradition of patriotism and religion in Buddhism.”

not ugly In conclusion, this conference of Lingyin Temple is mainly aimed at the lessons of Nanjing’s counterparts in offering memorial tablets. Based on its own business reality, it is required to “strict the registration review and daily management of super-recommended tablets”, to fill up the loopholes, so as to avoid the counterparts from “stopping the temple for rectification”. “A major tragedy.

In my opinion, the biggest management loophole of Xuanzang Temple in Nanjing is cronyism. Lingsong, who is in charge of receiving Wu Ahping’s memorial tablet, is the apprentice of the abbot’s fax. He dropped out of junior high school and did not graduate. He is illiterate or semi-literate. History knows nothing about the Nanjing Massacre, nor the names of several war criminals. In the end, they worshipped for more than 4 years without finding any problems until the “monastery was stopped for rectification”.

Of course, it seems that the reason for facsimile cronyism is not enough just because of illiteracy, but after that, some media discovered that Lingsong “had driven a temple vehicle without permission and was sentenced to death after hitting someone in a traffic accident. “Two years” scandal really can be said to pull out the radish and bring out the mud.

And the media found that Lingsong was mentioned many times in the social platform accounts of Xuanzang Temple in Nanjing. He often attended social activities as a representative of Xuanzang Temple, and he was responsible for social activities in the temple. Others offer lamps and prayers for blessings, etc.

The fax of the abbot of Xuanzang Temple who has been ordered to resign has also been published He stated that Lingsong was his apprentice, and specifically mentioned that he had driven a temple vehicle without the permission of the abbot, and was sentenced to 2 years in prison after hitting and killing someone in a traffic accident. Being able to return to Xuanzang Temple after serving two years in prison, and being entrusted with important tasks, I have to say that this is a typical representative of facsimile cronyism.

In contrast, Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou pays more attention to talent recruitment, and even every time Lingyin Temple “opens recruitment to the whole society” will rush to the hot search, causing everyone Hot discussion. For example, the previous recruitment of two civilian staff (laying family members) at Lingyin Temple made this quiet and peaceful ancient temple an instant “Internet celebrity”.

Lingyin Temple’s recruiting salary is more than 10,000 yuan per month, weekends, free meals, no overtime, and no KPI, which is very attractive. Of course, taking the recruitment of civilian staff responsible for temple information release as an example, the starting point The requirement is an undergraduate degree. Like Lingsong of Xuanzang Temple, an illiterate such as a junior high school dropout is obviously incompetent.

The requirements for the staff at home in the temple are so high. Lingyin Temple requires monks to graduate from a formal Buddhist academy. This move may have prevented Xuanzang Temple’s cronyism and reuse of illiteracy from the source. tragedy.

Perhaps, after the tragedy of Lingyin Temple in Nanjing, the first It is time to hold a conference and take precautions. This vigilance is also an important factor for Lingyin Temple to experience the change of dynasties in the history of more than 1,000 years.

Of course, the incense and status of Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou is comparable to that of Xuanzang Temple in Nanjing. In terms of tickets, Lingyin Temple is 30 yuan, and Xuanzang Temple is only 10 yuan. You have to pay another 45 yuan to go to Feilaifeng.