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Author: Pan Hongbo

Patient Wang, male, 29 years old, He just sweats all day long, all year round. He has been in this situation for six years, and he has also used some antiperspirant medicine, but the effect is not good.

In addition, his appetite is not good. He doesn’t like to eat, but likes to drink and eat spicy food. Often flustered, unable to sleep at night. Physical ability is also average, no interest.

I asked him if he had any bad habits, and he answered straightforwardly: I used to play games with my hands, and I got used to it with my hands.

The spleen governs the muscles and limbs, unclean diet, or exogenous damp pathogens, frequent bad habits, will damage the kidney qi in the body, the kidney qi will be damaged, and the righteous qi will be insufficient. It will cause dampness and heat in the spleen and stomach, and the dampness and heat will reach the limbs, and then sweating will not stop.

Looking at his dark tongue with tooth marks, the key problem is still in the spleen. The sweating caused by kidney deficiency is usually hot and humid, and the root is still in the On the spleen, there is a problem with the function of the spleen governing the transportation and transformation of water and dampness, causing dampness and heat to stop internally, and then transforming heat, fumigation of the limbs, so sweating.

So in terms of conditioning, we must first solve the dampness and heat of the spleen and stomach, and then slowly tonic.

Medicine Pinellia, Scutellaria, Coptidis, Angelica, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Roasted Licorice, Poria, Oyster, Codonopsis pilosula, Atractylodes macrocephala, etc.

Sure enough, after the first consultation, Mr. Liu’s sweating symptoms basically disappeared, and his function was unexpectedly improved. Continue to add and subtract with the original formula, my appetite returns to normal, I no longer drink too much, sleep soundly at night, and my physical condition is getting better and better.

Prescription Chinese Pinellia, Scutellaria Scutellariae, and Poria cocos clear heat, dry dampness, and diuresis; Coptis chinensis can further purify fire and detoxify;

Add angelica and white peony, nourish blood and activate blood, restrain yin and stop sweating, and nourish the stomach;

The key is roasted licorice, nourishing yin, and also taking into account the benefits of Qi and Tong Yang, together with oysters, can also nourish yin and support yang;

Dangshen and Jiaobaizhu nourish the middle and Qi, the “main force” of invigorating the spleen and nourishing blood.

These herbs are added together, and the prescription can be added or subtracted according to the symptoms of the patient. The spleen and stomach will be nourished, the qi and blood will be filled, and the dampness and heat will be resolved.

The above is my experience of excessive sweating caused by spleen and kidney deficiency combined with damp heat. to determine the medication.

It is the turn of summer and autumn, and the temperature in many places is still very high, and sweating is normal. But some people sweat abnormally, no matter it is cold or hot, they always sweat, especially on the head, hands and feet, even when they move.

There is no doubt that this situation should be taken seriously. This is also a common problem that many patients I have seen have committed.

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