Leave no dead ends! Disinfection in public places

People’s Park, working Personnel are carrying out epidemic prevention and disinfecting.

Weifang Daily News from Weifang Financial Media On November 24, the reporter learned that in order to cope with the recent new epidemic prevention and control situation and build a solid defense line for epidemic prevention and control, various districts in our city In accordance with the requirements of the “Weifang City New Coronary Pneumonia Public Places Epidemic Prevention and Elimination Work Implementation Plan” and other requirements, the public places and their supporting facilities such as urban roads, squares, parks, public toilets, garbage disposal sites, and transfer stations are more stringent, Regular and quantitative cleaning and disinfecting with higher standards and more frequency.

In Yuhe Scenic Area, staff Epidemic prevention and elimination are being carried out.

Beihai Road, sanitation workers are The fruit bins are sterilized.

Currently, 857 public toilets, 207,264 fruit bins (including trash cans), 13,887 trash cans for discarded masks, 133 transfer stations, 1,534 domestic waste transfer vehicles, and 14 garbage dumps have been inspected in the city and other facilities have carried out comprehensive disinfection, and the coverage rate of disinfection has reached 100%; the city directly manages parks, scenic spots, and squares, and 300 people are dispatched to kill 63 public toilets, 1,436 fruit boxes, and 1,952 seats in the green space every day. , More than 400 sets of fitness equipment and other public facilities have been completely eliminated, with a coverage rate of 100%.

Weifang Daily All-Media Reporter: Zhao Chunhui/Wentu Correspondent: Liu Tingting