Department of Commerce announces service numbers for daily necessities

The Weifang Municipal Bureau of Commerce reminds the general public that the city currently has sufficient reserves of daily necessities such as rice, noodles, oil, vegetables, meat, eggs, and milk, and the prices of the main distribution channels are stable, which can fully guarantee daily needs. The general public is requested to be rational Shopping to avoid waste caused by over-purchasing. If convenience stores and fresh food supermarkets in the central urban area encounter difficulties in purchasing daily necessities, or if you encounter obstacles in personal purchases, you can directly contact the Weifang Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the commercial department in the central urban area. Stores and individuals in other counties, urban areas, and municipal development zones can directly contact the local business authorities.

Weifang City Bureau of Commerce: 8091166, 18369631602, 17860282892

Kuiwen District Commerce Bureau: 8259765

Weifang City Bureau of Commerce: 18660672360

Fangzi District Commerce Bureau: 13506468008

Hanting District Commerce Bureau: 18866749955

High-tech Zone Science and Technology Statistics Bureau: 19953698879

Weibai Group: 6858238, 13563633680