Laizhou offshore wind power and marine ranch integration test demonstration project connected to the grid for power generation

Reporter Li Shungao Correspondent Zhao Donglin Songfei

On November 25, with the rotation of the wind turbine blades, the Laizhou offshore wind power and marine ranch integration development research and test project was successfully completed grid power generation.

Laizhou offshore wind power The research and test project for integrated development with marine ranching is located in the national-level marine ranching demonstration sea area on the west side of Furong Island in the north of Tushan Town, Laizhou City, Shandong Province. It is a key project in Shandong Province. The project will carry out pilot projects of “deep-water cages + offshore wind power”, “deep sea farming + leisure sea fishing” and the integrated development model of marine pastures, deep sea fish farms and offshore wind power. Intensive use of the sea will create a model of the “blue energy + sea granary” model for Shandong Province and the whole country.

Project site planning area 48 square kilometers, with a planned installed capacity of 304 megawatts and a total investment of 3 billion yuan, a total of 38 wind turbines with a single capacity of 8.0 megawatts will be built. The electricity generated by the wind turbine is connected to the 220 kV land step-up station through 4 circuits of 66 kV overhead lines through the power grid supporting project after landing through the submarine cable. After 1000V, it will be connected to the power grid through a 220KV overhead line to the 220KV Ye County Substation.

The Laizhou offshore wind power and marine ranch integrated development research and test project will realize full-capacity grid-connected power generation of all units in mid-December, and achieve annual grid-connected electricity of 1 billion kwh, compared with conventional coal-fired thermal power units , can save about 300,000 tons of standard coal per year, and correspondingly reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 780,000 tons, sulfur dioxide emissions by about 5,700 tons, and nitrogen oxide emissions by about 8,500 tons. The northern area of ​​Tushan Town, Laizhou City will take the lead in realizing all-green power supply, and create a typical model for the county-level demonstration of the new power system.