Eating burnt food is easy to get cancer? It is very important to develop these 5 cooking habits!

In the daily cooking process

It is inevitable that food will be burnt or scorched

Many people like the crispiness of food

However, there are rumors on the Internet

“burnt food can not be eaten, it will cause cancer”

< p data-track="7">What is the truth?

How many carcinogens are in burnt food

For food, success is also “temperature”, and failure is also “temperature”.

Appropriate temperature can not only kill the Pathogenic bacteria and parasites can also soften the fiber, denature the protein, make the taste better, and make many nutrients easier to digest and absorb.

But when the food is heated to too high Healthy ingredients such as vitamin C, B vitamins, and unsaturated fatty acids are destroyed, and some harmful substances may also be produced, including carcinogens. And at different temperatures, different carcinogens are produced:

1. Heated to 120°C, acrylamide (2A carcinoids) are heading your way

Foods that contain carbohydrates and amino acids (such as potatoes, bread , steamed buns, etc.), after being cooked at a high temperature above 120°C, “Maillard reaction” is prone to occur.

This kind of reaction has always been popular in the culinary world , because it can make food brown, and at the same time, it can also generate aroma substances such as furan, pyrazine, thiophene, thiazole, etc., which makes people more appetizing. But there are also some harmful by-products in the process, the most important being acrylamide.

However, although acrylamide has certain neurotoxic effects , but there is insufficient evidence for human carcinogenicity, and the amount of acrylamide in general food origin is safe, so there is nothing to fear.


Fried , Baked high-starch foods contain relatively higher levels of acrylamide. If you really care about food-source acrylamide, it is recommended toeat less potato chips, French fries, toast, fried potatoes, etc..

2. Heating to 200°C, heterocyclic amines (Type 1 carcinogens) are beckoning to you< /p>

Heterocyclic amines may be produced by high-temperature and long-time cooking of protein-rich foods such as livestock, poultry, and fish. Generally speaking, the higher the heating temperature, the longer the time, and the food with less water content, the more heterocyclic amines will be produced.

Research found that heterocyclic Amines are carcinogenic and mutagenic, which is related to liver cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and other cancers.

3. Heat to 300 ℃, benzopyrene (Class 1 carcinogen) appears

The oil temperature is too high, especially when it exceeds 300°C, it will cause lipid substances to undergo thermal cracking reactions, resulting in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons Class compounds, the most notorious of which is “benzopyrene”, which is a strong carcinogen. Moreover, the total amount of benzopyrene produced when the food is burnt is much higher than that when it is not burnt.

Verified, long term exposure Benzopyrene can not only cause lung cancer, but also digestive tract cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer, etc.

Can burnt food cause cancer

Not necessarily.

The Japanese Society for Cancer Research has done In an experiment, feeding burnt black food directly to hamsters can indeed induce liver cancer in hamsters, but if the food is roasted and mixed into the feed before feeding, even if it is fed for the rest of its life (hamsters live for about 2 years) , No hamsters were found to get cancer in the experiment. Based on this, the experiment infers that a little bit of burnt food you usually eat will not induce cancer.

Although it does not necessarily cause cancer, foodAlmost all the nutrients in the burnt part are destroyed, which is not good for health. Therefore, eat less if you can, and stop eating if you can.

How to reduce harmful substances in daily cooking

In addition to burnt food, in fact, wrong operations in the cooking process can also quietly harm the body, and even increase the risk of cancer! So here are some things to keep in mind:


Drain and then Put it into the pot

If the ingredients are not drained when cooking, they will splash violently when they come into contact with the oil. Vaporization will occur soon, and it will become many fine particles, so that the value of PM2.5 may be higher than that of frying. The inhalation of these fine particles by the human body is likely to cause damage to the lungs. Over time, it may cause pneumonia or even lung cancer.


Hot pan cold oil

Hot pan cold oil

Many people like to wait for the oil to smoke before adding food, but when the oil pan smokes, the oil temperature is likely to The temperature has reached above 200°C. Putting the vegetables into the pot at this time will not only destroy the nutrition of the food, but also cause the protein, fat and carbohydrates in the food to mutate and produce some carcinogens.

So it is recommended when cookingHot pan with cold oil.


Tips for different cooking methods< /p>

It is best to choose steaming, boiling, and mixing for cooking, while frying, frying, and grilling Time to learn to master tips to reduce harm:

① When cooking, hot pan with cold oil, and stir-fry quickly on high heat; before frying, you can also blanch the food until it is half-cooked to reduce the time for high-temperature cooking.

②Fried food, you canCook the food first to shorten the frying time; you can also use the method of hanging batter to insulate some temperature; you should use it every time fresh oil.

③When baking, Instead of grilling over an open fire, use an electric grill; wrap food in foil to protect food from “smoke” “; grilled food can be marinated with onion, ginger, garlic, lemon juice, etc., which can reduce the production of heterocyclic amines during barbecue; cut the meat into small pieces, or Cook the meat until half-cooked in advance, and it will be cooked after a little roasting, so as to shorten the heating time at high temperature.


Clean the pot in time

It is also wrong to fry the next dish without cleaning the pot!

Because grease and Food residues, when reheated at high temperature, may produce carcinogens such as benzopyrene; and when you do not wash the pan and continue cooking, you will find that food residues are easily burnt, which increases the generation of carcinogens.

So after frying a dish , Be sure to clean the pot before frying the next one.


Keep the range hood on all the time

The lampblack may contain more than 200 compounds such as benzopyrene, acrolein, heterocyclic amines A harmful substance that is very harmful to health.

According to the survey, people who have been exposed to high-temperature cooking fumes in the kitchen for a long time , the probability of suffering from lung cancer is 2 to 3 times higher than that of ordinary people; and for people who have respiratory diseases themselves, such as asthma and pneumonia, such harmful substances can also aggravate the condition.


Fried vegetables must be< /span>Full range hood. After cooking, part of the fume remains in the kitchen and the pipeline, so After cooking try as much as possible Keep the range hood working for 3 to 5 minutes to ensure that the harmful gas is fully discharged.

Source: Food Safety Zhuhai, Guangxi Disease Control, Guangxi Food Safety Association

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