Kangding wild vegetables listed citizens are eager to try early adopters

All kinds of wild vegetables neatly stacked on the market stall.

News from this website In recent days, with the rise in temperature, various types of fresh wild vegetables have become With the strong spring feeling, they are listed one after another and go to the dining table of the citizens.

Recently, the reporter saw at the Guodaqiao vegetable market in Kangding City that many stalls had piles of toon, dandelion, thorn bud, bracken, and cabbage. Wait, the wild vegetables are fresh and green, with a wide variety, attracting many citizens to come to “try the early adopters”. Although the prices of wild vegetables on the market are expensive, there is still an endless stream of people buying them. Compared with the ordinary vegetables grown in the mountains, these pure natural green foods in the mountains have a more special taste and a unique taste. You can scramble eggs and fry bacon, and become the delicacy on the tip of the tongue with the unique characteristics of Kangding.

“These toon and thorn buds were cut from the mountains, and they are pure natural green foods. If you miss them during this time, you won’t have them. Toon scrambled eggs, The thorn bud salad is delicious no matter how you make it.” The seller, Sister Li, introduced to the reporter that the wild vegetables are very seasonal, and the sales time is only more than a month. Every April, wild vegetables will become a hot-selling dish and become a “sweet pastry” on the table of citizens.

At the beginning of April every year, some wild vegetables in Kangding are listed one after another, and the prices are also high. Since last week, the supply of wild vegetables has gradually increased, and the price has been much cheaper. The reporter learned that compared with the proud price of more than 10 yuan and a tael when it was only listed in early April, the current price of toon has dropped. The thorn dragon bud has also dropped from 25 yuan to 30 yuan a pound when it was just listed, to 10 to 20 yuan a pound.

“Spring is here, eat green food, it is good for your health.” Citizen Wang Niangniang said cheerfully.

Wild vegetables are not only delicious, but also have high nutritional value, and some wild vegetables also have certain medicinal value. But it is worth noting that although wild vegetables are delicious, they should not be eaten too much. Wild vegetables are naturally cold and cold, and people with spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat them. Some wild vegetables contain substances that can cause allergies. People with special constitutions should not eat more. In addition, pregnant women should eat wild vegetables with caution. At the same time, citizens must choose common wild vegetables, and it is best not to eat unfamiliar wild vegetables, and they must be thoroughly cleaned before eating to avoid residues of harmful substances.

Reporter Zhou Yan Text/Photo