Jilin Province added 56 local confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and 98 asymptomatic infections on the 27th

Jilin Provincial Health Commission’s Circular on the Epidemic Situation of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (Announced on April 28, 2022)

Jilin Provincial Health Screenshot of the Health Commission’s website

China Net, April 28, according to the Jilin Provincial Health and Health Commission website, from 0 to 24:00 on April 27, there were 56 new locally confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Jilin Province (light 54 52 cases in Changchun City (including 27 cases of asymptomatic infections turned into confirmed cases), 2 cases in Yanbian Prefecture, 1 case in Jilin City, and 1 case in Baicheng City; 98 new local asymptomatic infections were added. Among them, there are 89 cases in Changchun City, 7 cases in Jilin City, 1 case in Yanbian Prefecture, and 1 case in Baicheng City. The above-mentioned infected persons have been transferred to designated medical institutions for isolation and treatment. The close contacts and sub-close contacts of the above persons have been traced and checked, and control measures have been implemented, and their living and workplaces have been terminally disinfected.

From 0 to 24:00 on April 27, 289 newly cured and discharged confirmed cases were reported in Jilin Province, including 252 in Changchun, 29 in Jilin, 4 in Yanbian and 4 in Baicheng; 569 cases of asymptomatic infections were released from isolation and medical observation, including 526 cases in Changchun City, 32 cases in Jilin City, 5 cases in Yanbian Prefecture, 3 cases in Songyuan City, 1 case in Siping City, 1 case in Liaoyuan City, and 1 case in Baicheng City.

The Jilin Provincial Health and Health Commission reminds the general public to pay close attention to the dynamic information on the epidemic situation released by various places. Community (village) or disease control agency reports, and cooperate with relevant epidemic control measures as required. If you have acute respiratory symptoms such as fever and cough, please wear a medical mask and go to the fever clinic of a designated local medical institution in time. Everyone must maintain a strong awareness of normalized prevention and control, insist on wearing masks when going out, wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, maintain social distance, do not have meals, and do not gather to reduce the risk of disease infection.