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Last night Japan continued the glory of Saudi Arabia

Can South Korea break the curse of South America tonight

Defending the glory of Asia


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< span>Football is always full of surprises

Accidents are always amazing. Human beings often have an uncontrollable search for understanding in response to surprise.

Football is full of surprises, especially this World Cup in Qatar. From the opening game to the present, accidents have continued one after another.

We often seek scientific explanations for these accidents, so there is Paul the Octopus, Bailey the Crow , There will be many more friends with bright lights around you.

The time turns to the evening of November 23, when Germany played against Japan. But the four-time World Cup champion, eight finals, and 20 finalists. With such strength, even if Japan has a “European team” in this World Cup, the balance of victory in the hearts of fans must be towards the German team.

The penalty kick in the opening 32 minutes convinced everyone of this.

You Are there lights around you too?

At the beginning of the second half, the editor and I just said something casually, Germany must win, Japan Can’t win!

Then the situation took a turn for the worse. In the 75th and 83rd minutes, Takumi Minano and Takumi Asano scored consecutively. With the ball, the score instantly became 1 to 2, and Germany was overtaken.

Of course it is unavoidable, the editor and I have become the light partner, who let me play the first half Come on for Germany, the second half was directly overturned by Japan against the wind!

What’s more, according to the overall data, Germany’s possession rate of 74% is much higher than Japan’s 26%. (4) The number of passes is 771 and 270. Basically all the statistics of the German team are higher than that of the Japanese team.

Could it be that Germany was really taken by me…

Impossible, it must be that the Saudi script was not taken away yesterday, it was taken to Japan!

Of course, some fans attributed this unscientific upset to the mysterious prophecy of the young footballer!



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Now that I have become a light partner, I will first bring Let’s take a look.

Will there be any surprises in the last four games of the first round of the World Cup group stage tonight!

The first Switzerland VS Cameroon< /p>

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Although the presence of the Crusaders is very low, but from another angle, he may make your eyes shine.

In this World Cup, the Asian Cup champion Qatar was defeated by Ecuador, the African Cup champion was defeated by the Netherlands, the Copa America The champion was defeated by Saudi Arabia, and only the European Cup champion Italy was missing. Switzerland, on the other hand, beat Italy to qualify first in the group. Is this an accident? Champion curse!

Actually, the Swiss team itself is very strong. In the past three World Cups, Switzerland has entered the finals. It was in 2010 that the Spanish team, the champion of the year, lost the only game.

The name against Cameroon is relatively flat, except for Bassogo in the squad (presumably Shenhua fans will not be unfamiliar) Other overseas players include Naples midfielder Anguisa, Bayern striker Bo Moting, Inter Milan goalkeeper Onana, Lyon striker Ekambi and so on. Cameroon looks weaker.

But there are no absolutes in the world, and the encounter between Argentina and Germany is just around the corner. At the beginning, we also felt that Saudi Arabia and Japan were weaker.

You can look forward to this game and see if there will be a penalty in the first half.

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Second gameUruguay VS South Korea

This event was not particularly expected.

However, after Saudi Arabia regains the glory of Asia and Japan inherits the glory of Asia, we have to think about whether South Korea can defend Asia What about glory?

In terms of players, Uruguay’s Suarez, Cavani and Valverde Rising stars like , Nunez and Araujo have tilted the balance of victory a lot. Relatively speaking, South Korea’s starlight is much bleak. The absolute big name on the list is undoubtedly Sun Xingmin, and of course Hwang Hee-chan, who plays in the European League , Huang Yizhu and Jin Minzai, but there is no doubt that Sun Xingmin is the core of the team, but he has a broken nose and is injured.

Can the South Korean team continue the winning streak in the Asian group? This will be the most anticipated part of this game.

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Match 3Portugal VS Ghana

Portugal of the Five Shields fought against African black star Ghana.

There are many good players led by Ronaldo in the team, they are also the The favorite to win the cup, and this will be the last World Cup for the 37-year-old Ronaldo.

The most impressive thing about the last World Cup was the Iberian Peninsula showdown , Cristiano Ronaldo staged a hat-trick, personal heroism against the Matador Legion, and the final direct free kick also became a famous scene of the tournament.

Ghana is nicknamed the Black Star of Africa. When it comes to Ghana, it is easy to associate By the 2010 World Cup, if Chinese Super League star Ji’an can make a penalty kick created by Suarez’s handball, Ghana will break into the semi-finals in history.

The last time the two teams met was in the group stage in 2014, and finally relied on Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal, Portugal beat Ghana 2-1, and the two teams joined hands to get out of the group.

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Fourth Brazil VS Serbia

Brazil, nicknamed the Samba Legion, currently ranks first in the world and is the biggest player in this tournament. The favorite to win the championship has never been absent from any session. He is the only one in the world. The core of the team is undoubtedly Neymar. This year’s World Cup Brazil has a strong lineup and almost no shortcomings. Many powerful players cannot be selected for the squad, and even the substitute lineup is placed in other groups with a high probability of qualifying.

Since winning the cup in Asia in 2002, Brazil has not won the cup for 20 years Got the World Cup. In the following four tournaments, Brazil was eliminated by France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium respectively. Especially in the 2014 local World Cup, they lost to Germany 1-7 in the semi-finals, which became a lingering nightmare for all Brazilian fans. This time, the Selecao are destined to hope to tie the best record in Qatar.

Serbia is nicknamed the Balkan Eagle, and there are no outstanding achievements in history. In 2006, Serbia’s predecessor, Serbia and Montenegro, played in the current cup, and then fought against Montenegro. The core of the team is Mitrovic. It is worth mentioning that the Serbian coach is Stojkovic who once coached in the Super League.

What’s interesting is that the two teams were in the same group last year , Brazil won without bloodshed. When all the teams are reluctant to meet Brazil, the outcome has lost its suspense.

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