Jiaoyu Town: Centralized improvement of the rural living environment to enhance the overall image of the town

Correspondent Chen Xihong

In the past few days, the Party Committee and Government of Jiaoyu Town have systematically planned, coordinated and promoted, implemented precisely, comprehensively and high-qualityly promoted the improvement of the rural living environment, and effectively improved the happiness index of villagers’ lives.

In strict accordance with the requirements of the “Implementation Plan for the “Centralized Improvement Month” of Rural Human Settlement Environment in the Region”, the “Centralized Improvement Month” Mobilization Meeting for the Rural Human Settlement Environment was held as soon as possible, and the “Rural People in Jiaoyu Town The “Centralized Renovation Month” Activity Implementation Plan for Residential Environment” arranges and deploys the improvement of rural human settlements. Each administrative district, village and each department clarifies their responsibilities, objectives and tasks, and the time limit for rectification. The person in charge is responsible for the improvement of the rural human settlements within the jurisdiction.

Establish a leading group for the improvement of rural human settlements, and the main leaders of the town will personally implement it. Every two days, each district and relevant departments will be dispatched to keep abreast of the work progress; each district will report the human settlements of each village Rectify the situation, pay close attention to the implementation of the work; establish a problem account, implement the rectification situation, and ensure that one place is found and one place is eliminated.

Carry out observation and promotion activities. Members of the leadership team lead relevant departments, district secretaries and branch secretaries to form an observation group to visit and study advanced villages. The village party branch secretary will give a detailed introduction to the improvement of the village’s living environment Sharing experience and practices in improving the rural living environment, each village discusses the problems and difficulties it faces, and finds deficiencies in observation, learning and mutual exchanges, creating a good atmosphere for observation and emulation.

Strengthen publicity and mobilization, and strive to create a strong atmosphere for the participation of the whole people. Village cadres mobilized by holding meetings, and coordinated and decomposed tasks to the grid and sanitation staff along the line to ensure that the rural living environment improvement work was implemented and problems were solved by dedicated personnel; broadcasting with loudspeakers and visiting households were used to mobilize villagers to take action , strive to improve villagers’ awareness of cleanliness and hygiene, continuously enhance the sense of responsibility and awareness of the whole people’s participation, form a work pattern where all people participate, and jointly create a clean and tidy rural living environment; each village actively promotes the governance model of “credit + incentives”, and will Villagers participate in the improvement of rural human settlements to carry out credit points, and through points to stimulate the consciousness and initiative of villagers to participate in the improvement of rural human settlements, promote the deep integration of credit system construction and rural living environment improvement, and give full play to the villagers’ role in rural human settlements. The role of the main force in environmental improvement and the positive incentive role of “credit points”.

Since the launch of the “Centralized Improvement Month” special work on the rural living environment, all villages in Jiaoyu Town have gathered together and taken multiple measures to comprehensively carry out the improvement of the rural living environment and effectively improve the quality of rural life , The town set off a new upsurge in the improvement of the rural living environment.

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