It takes 5 minutes to raise people in the morning in summer. What are you doing? The best thing to do is not to drink the toilet, but…too many people miss it in vain

As the saying goes, “a day’s plan is in the morning”, so is health preservation. If you can seize the golden 5 minutes in the morning, not only will you be full of energy throughout the day, but your body will also get better and better! So, in the summer, what are the best things to do after getting up in the morning? 5 ​​minutes of summer morning, the most healthy thing to do is… The answer is to open the windows for ventilation!

Source: /span>The weather is hot now, and I spend my days in the “sauna” basically every day. It’s air-conditioned.” The same is true at night, if you don’t turn on the air conditioner, you can’t sleep at all! However, after turning on the air conditioner for one night, the air in the house becomes very dry, not only the skin is very dry, but also the throat and eyes will be dry and uncomfortable. In addition, the air-conditioned room is well sealed, the air circulation is not smooth, the oxygen is reduced, and the carbon dioxide concentration is increased. Sleeping in this environment, people will Symptoms such as listlessness, dizziness, memory loss, and loss of appetite are prone to occur; All kinds of germs are easy to breed and multiply in such an environment, and people are easily infected through the respiratory tract. Therefore, the first thing to do when you get up in the summer, be sure to turn off the air conditioner first, and then open the window for ventilation! Open windows for ventilation, which can not only exchange fresh air, but also get up and move, reduce the time of indoor air conditioning, and spend the summer healthily and comfortably. Tips for using air conditioners at night

  • Physical humidification: span>Use a humidifier or put a basin of water in the room.

  • Control the temperature difference: The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not exceed 7 degrees Celsius.
  • Cleanliness:Clean the air conditioner filter regularly.
  • Prevention of catching a cold:When sleeping, the exposed joints can be properly covered with a towel.
  • Adjustment mode:The cooling mode Adjust to dehumidification mode and add night mode, it will stop and work for a while after working, the temperature is relatively stable, and you will feel comfortable sleeping at night.

In addition to opening windows for ventilation, you can also do the following after getting up- 3 things to keep in good health when you get up in the morning, pick them up when you have time! 1. Remember to drink some waterIf you are not in a hurry to go to the toilet, you can drink some water first. After a good night’s sleep, the water in the body is “in and out”. Especially now that the temperature is very high and the water evaporates quickly, the body is already dehydrated when getting up in the morning. Drinking some water after getting up in the morning can not only replenish the water lost during sleep, but also reduce blood viscosity and promote blood circulation. Attention, it is best to drink warm water when you get up in the morning! Source: /strong>2. Pressing and rubbing to nourish the heart pointsThe meridian is nourished, that is, pressing and rubbing the acupoints can relieve Hot summer. Therefore, if you have time, it is recommended that you press and massage Jiquan acupoint when you wake up in the morning. Because the Jiquan belongs to the Heart Meridian of Hand Shaoyin, stimulating it can make qi and blood circulate, relax the chest and regulate qi, and protect the heart and lungs. Acupoint selection: Jiquan is at the apex of the armpit, between the two tendons under the armpit of the human body, where the axillary artery pulses . Home-made >Operation method:Abduct the left upper arm slightly to expose the pole spring under the armpit, then use the index finger and middle finger of the right hand to touch the left pole spring, fix the two fingers and make the fingertips Gently buckle up and flick the bar cord back and forth in tandem. When plucking, there will be a full flashlight numbness, about 10 times per plucking. 3. Don’t forget to comb your hairMany ancient “health experts” regarded combing as a daily health care method. For example, Sun Simiao, the “King of Medicine”, insists that “hair should be combed often”.

Source: It can not only prevent hair loss, improve hair quality, but also relax nerves, eliminate fatigue, and relieve headache, insomnia, mental tension, etc. The head is the “meeting of all yang”, and the morning is when the body’s yang qi rises. Combing the hair at this time has a better effect on dredging the meridians and collaterals, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Operation method: Start from the middle of the forehead, comb the top of the head, the occiput, and the neck with an even force, and the movements are slow and gentle , gradually increase the speed, and then comb the left and right sides to the top of the head.

Nowadays, many people stay in air-conditioned rooms for a long time, which is particularly prone to “air-conditioning disease”. Next, I will give you some tips- /img>Summer “air conditioning disease” strikes, teach you how to prevent it!

First test yourself, do you have the following symptoms——

  • Dry, itchy, sore throat;

  • Dry, sometimes teary eyes;

  • Dry skin, even redness and tingling;

  • easy to feel sleepy and dizzy ;

  • stuffy nose, runny nose;

  • cold hands and feet body.

If you have 2~3 symptoms, it may be the upper body of “air conditioning disease”. Source: Yitu.comWhat should I do? Try the following 3 tricks – 1. Drink water frequentlyIndoor air is dry, coupled with low temperature , the skin becomes tight, the eyes and throat are also dry and uncomfortable. And drinking plenty of water can effectively relieve these symptoms. 2. Drink healthy teaWe recommend two healthy teas for everyone——< /span>①Dendrobium teaPractice: Take 5 grams of Dendrobium, wash it, and brew it in boiling water for more than ten minutes It can be used as a substitute for tea and can be brewed 3 to 5 times. Efficacy: Dendrobium can help relieve symptoms such as dry mouth, dizziness and fatigue. It also has the effect of nourishing yin and clearing heat, and it is used to moisturize and replenish water, and the effect is good. Reminder:People with yang deficiency constitution (expressed as being afraid of cold, hairy hands and feet) Dendrobium is not suitable for people with cold, fat body, soft and unreal muscles, etc.) and those with a cold stomach. Image source >OneMapGingerJujube TeaPractice: span>Cut 3~5 slices of ginger or dried ginger, add a few red dates and brew with boiling water, you can also add an appropriate amount of brown sugar. Efficacy: hasreplenishing qi and blood, warming the stomach and warming the palace, especially Suitable for people who often stay in air-conditioned rooms. Reminder:Ginger jujube tea is suitable for people with qi deficiency and yang deficiency constitution (performance For those with sallow complexion, mental fatigue, fear of cold and cold limbs, etc.), it is best to drink it during the day; people with yin deficiency and fire (manifested as hot hands, feet, sweating, irritability, poor sleep, etc.), should not eat more ginger. Source: >OneMap3. Try moxibustionMoxibustion also helps To prevent and alleviate “air conditioning disease”, we recommend several acupoints suitable for summer moxibustion-①Guanyuan point: located at the navel 3 inches below. It is an important acupoint for health care, and it has the effect of regulating qi and blood, cultivating the essence and strengthening the body. Source:Homemade by a family doctor② Zusanli: span>Located on the outer side of the calf, 3 inches below the eye of the outer knee, one finger transverse to the outer edge of the tibia. Sun Simiao, a famous doctor, said: “If you want to be safe, don’t do it in Sanli.” Moxibustion at this point has the functions of enhancing disease resistance, regulating the spleen and stomach, invigorating the middle and benefiting qi, and can be used for daily health care and disease prevention. Source: Homemade acupoints③ /span>Located 8 inches above the tip of the lateral malleolus, about the midpoint of the line connecting the eye of the lateral knee and the tip of the lateral malleolus, where the muscles are more bulging. It is a good acupoint for removing dampness, and has the functions of resolving phlegm, losing weight, and reducing cellulite.

Source:Homemade by a doctor

Reminder:Use moxa sticks to hang moxibustion, usually for 10~15 minutes per point, until the skin is flushed; it is not suitable for moxibustion when you are nervous, sweating, tired, fasting, or too full; People with yin deficiency and fire (manifested as dry mouth and throat, short and red urination, dry stool, hot flashes, night sweats, etc.) should not be moxibustion.

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