It is more convenient for Wuxi people to see lung diseases: Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital Specialist Alliance adds new members

Yangtze Evening News Network, September 24 (Reporter Ji Nana) The first foreign-funded hospital in Wuxi, Kaiyi Hospital, celebrates its 2nd anniversary. On the same day, famous doctors and experts from Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital, Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, Shanghai First Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Wuxi People’s Hospital, and Wuxi Second People’s Hospital gathered in Kaiyi to conduct public consultations for Xicheng citizens.

Wuxi Kaiyi Hospital, founded in 2017, is the first secondary general hospital built by Columbia China in China, with a total investment of US$120 million. In this large-scale free clinic activity, “pulmonary nodules”, a hot topic in pulmonary department, have become one of the focus of experts and famous doctors. In this regard, Sun Zhenyu, Honorary Vice President of Wuxi Kaiyi Hospital and Honorary Director of Thoracic Surgery, introduced: According to the epidemiological survey results, the incidence and incidence of pulmonary nodules and early lung cancer in Wuxi ranked first among all malignant tumors. , and once a pulmonary nodule is detected, the patient will more or less panic, and it is urgent to seek answers from famous doctors and experts.

In response to this situation, Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital will implement inter-hospital cooperation with Wuxi Kaiyi Hospital, and Wuxi Kaiyi Hospital has also become a “member unit of Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital Specialty Alliance”. The first batch of cooperative departments are thoracic surgery and oncology. Wuxi Kaiyi Hospital will officially open Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital-Wuxi Pulmonary Nodule/Lung Cancer Joint Outpatient Clinic and Joint Ward and Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital-Wuxi Lung Cancer (Oncology) Joint outpatient clinic, joint ward. Famous doctors and experts from Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital and the Affiliated Hospital of Jiangnan University will take turns for consultation. Lung cancer and small pulmonary nodules clinics will be opened in Wuxi Kaiyi Hospital every Saturday to jointly provide a full range of expert diagnosis and treatment services for Xicheng residents.

“Speaking from the bottom of my heart, love is endless.” On the same day, the China Lung Transplant Alliance Treatment Base was also established in the hospital. It will solve the current situation that many patients are difficult to be hospitalized before surgery and have no professional guidance for postoperative recovery, and provide more lung transplant patients with a good lung source waiting environment and surgery. post-rehabilitation environment.

China Health Promotion Foundation Graded Diagnosis and Specialty Construction Public Welfare Project Office Awarded

At the signing and awarding ceremony, Wuxi Kaiyi Hospital also signed cooperation agreements with many tertiary hospitals and experts. In the future, more well-known experts will come to Wuxi for academic exchanges and consultations. The team of doctors will also continue to absorb the latest and most advanced medical cutting-edge technologies, enhance the comprehensive strength of the expert team, and open a new chapter in the construction of disciplines.

Proofreading Tao Shan Gong