Is the loose wine that costs 10 yuan a catty in the rural market pure grain wine? Hear what the brewmaster has to say

Ten yuan a catty, buy five catties and get one free.

If you have been to a rural market, then you must have seen small vendors selling loose wine in the market. The loose wine sold in the rural market has two characteristics:One is cheap and affordable, and the other is pure grain wine.

Over the years, loose wine has attracted many drinkers with these two advantages, but there are also many People have doubts: 10 yuan a catty, so cheap, is it pure grain wine? For this reason, I specially consulted a retired brewer.

The answer he gave was: The cost of grain wine can be high or low, and loose wine at 10 yuan a catty can also be brewed with pure grain, but the grain and The starters will be different, resulting in a slightly different taste.

Today we will start from the brewing cost of pure grain wine, the difference of grain, and the difference of starter, let’s talk about the price and cost of grain wine from these three aspects.

What are the costs involved in brewing pure grain wine?

Food cost: This refers to the main grain used to produce a bottle of wine. The common ones are sorghum and corn. Fluctuates and prices vary from year to year.

Cost of distiller’s yeast: To turn food into alcohol, you need a “Fermentation agent”, this starter is distiller’s yeast. Generally, wheat, barley, pea are used to make distiller’s yeast. Different flavors require different amounts of distiller’s yeast.

Other costs: There are other costs such as packaging, logistics, warehousing, transportation, labor, and venue, which we will not detail here introduced.

▶Food cost: the price is very different

On the top Among the so-called brewing costs, we can see that food costs account for the bulk.

They are all grain wines, but the grains used are different in variety, quality, and price, of course. Most of the loose wine at 10 yuan a catty in the market is made with corn as the main ingredient. Corn is cheap and low in cost, and the wine produced has a spicy and strong taste.


The well-known Red cherry sorghum is the best choice for brewing sauce wine. Sorghum has high tannin content, more nutrients, and a higher yield rate, but the price is also high, and the wine made from it is naturally expensive.

▶There are also sayings about brewing wine from pure grains

In the second point of wine making cost,We talked about wine koji. Here, distiller’s koji is divided into two categories, one is traditional distiller’s koji, and the other is both raw and cooked koji.

What we often say Daqu, Xiaoqu and Branqu are all traditional wine koji< /strong>Using traditional distiller’s yeast to make wine needs to cultivate bacteria and saccharify for a period of time after the grain and distiller’s yeast are finished. The amount of distiller’s yeast used is relatively large, but the price of this type of distiller’s yeast is generally not high, around three or four yuan per catty , and the high ones do not exceed ten yuan.

Raw and cooked koji refers to glucoamylase. This kind of distiller’s yeast is a product of science and technology. It uses very little grain, and a few liang of grain for a hundred catties may be enough.

Can the wine made from raw and cooked koji be drunk? Can.

It’s just that the flavor and taste of the wine brewed in this way are relatively thin, which is more common in cheap liquor. In order to enrich the taste, the winery usually adds some aroma-enhancing substances.

So, 10 yuan a catty of pure grain wine is also brewed with pure grain, but the taste may be relatively thin, If the price is cheap and it still smells good after drinking, then you have to consider the issue of essence. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose some moderately priced wines from regular wineries, so that you can drink with more peace of mind.

Jun Zhongyuan’s private wine collection

This wine has a good reputation among drinkers, and the price is also high, love it Those who drink soy sauce can watch it.

This wine is a local Maotai-flavored wine in Renhuai, Guizhou. The reason why it can become the best among many Maotai wines The main reason is that its distillery is located in the core production area of ​​local Maotai wine, and the distillery is 100 meters away from the Moutai distillery.

In addition, it is a serious whole process of pure grain brewing. The raw material is the local red cherry sorghum in Guizhou. It adopts the ancient 12987 brewing process, and the distiller’s yeast is also used in Made from high-quality wheat in season, brewed from high-temperature Kunsha in Daqu.

At the time of hook-up, I invited Zeng Chuanzheng, a disciple of Li Xingfa, the director of Maotai factory, who is very good at For the preparation of Maotai sauce wine, 10-year-old wine is specially added when blending this wine. The finished product has obvious Maoxiang flavor. The sauce aroma is rich and thick, with high smoothness and coordination. it is good.