An uncle from Hangzhou went to a wedding in Guangdong, and the gift of 20,000 yuan was returned. The owner said: We don’t accept gifts and eat at ease

Have you ever been to someone else’s wedding?

Wedding is a witness to the beginning of a marriage, and it is also a very important part of marriage.

Wedding is not only an expression of the man’s respect and love for the woman, but also an expression of the sincerity of the man and his family to the woman and his parents. I am very concerned about my wedding, so naturally I have prepared very grandly. After all, at the wedding, girls can realize their childhood dreams. Under the witness of relatives and friends, they can wear beautiful wedding dresses and exquisite makeup to marry the man they love.

Our country has been a humane society since ancient times. Whenever someone holds a wedding, it needs Go with the members and the banquet. This is also a blessing to the couple who are about to enter the marriage hall, so this kind of human relationship is very common.

Recently, Uncle Wang in Hangzhou attended a wedding, which made him very unforgettable, so what happened? Let’s take a look together.

Uncle Wang was a soldier in the frontier when he was young. After retiring from the army, he returned to his hometown Hangzhou to start a business. It has been doing well in recent years. His comrade-in-arms returned to his hometown after retiring, and he also did business there. This time Uncle Wang received an invitation from an old comrade-in-arms to go to Guangdong to attend the wedding of his comrade-in-arms’ son.

When Uncle Wang went there, according to the customs of Zhejiang, he prepared 10,000 yuan money. But when it was time to accompany the gift, his comrades told him that we don’t need to accompany the gift, but just folded a corner of the red envelope he brought to show that he has received this blessing, so there is no need to give the money.

At first, Uncle Wang thought he was a comrade in arms and was polite to him, but he saw that the people next to him were all polite. Uncle Wang knew that this was indeed a custom in Guangdong, so he went in to eat with confidence. After the banquet started, Uncle Wang said that the banquet was as luxurious as ours in Zhejiang.

It turned out that the banquet was filled with lobster, abalone, and various seafood platters. There is even salmon sashimi, but these uncles usually eat a lot, so they are not interested. His favorite is the Cantonese special dish white-cut chicken on the table. This dish can only be eaten in Guangdong. The most authentic dish .

It is very popular in the south, but northerners are rarely willing to eat this dish because it has a lighter taste.

Uncle Wang loves this dish very much, because his comrades cooked it for him in the early years Once, I have been missing this dish all these years. Until today, I ate the authentic white-cut chicken again, and Uncle Wang ate it very happily.

After eating the white-cut chicken, Uncle Wang put his eyes on the bottle of wedding wine on the table, because Uncle Wang is also a wine lover, so he is also very knowledgeable about baijiu . Seeing this bottle of Guokang 1935, Uncle Wang knows that their family has a good eye for wine selection. Why do you say that?

Will love to drink this wine.

The raw materials of this wine are very good. The brewing process lasts for a year, during which there are more than 160 complicated processes. The sauce wine is used, the most authentic Daqu Kunsha craft.

After the brewing is completed , not in a hurry to sell it immediately, but chose to continue to cellar it. After five years, it was finally blended with ten years old wine to reach the factory standard.

Because of the winery’s consistent insistence on quality, it has attracted many old wine lovers to buy this wine. Uncle Wang usually likes to drink it at home. I didn’t expect to encounter this wine at the wedding of his comrade-in-arms son today.

After drinking and eating, Uncle Wang chatted with his comrades for a while and talked about the past in the army. /p>

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