Is millet porridge a “catalyst” for blood sugar?

Nowadays, people’s quality of life has improved to varying degrees, which can be seen from the dining table of every household, but the abundance of food is not entirely a good thing. Because some people have poor eating habits and like to eat some high-fat, high-sugar foods, and if this is the case for a long time, it is easy to induce metabolic diseases, such as diabetes.

How is diabetes caused?

The pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes: After the ability of pancreatic islets is damaged, insulin secretion is insufficient, resulting in metabolic disorders, so that glucose, fat and other substances cannot be smoothly excreted from the human body and accumulate in the blood, causing Blood sugar continues to rise, eventually leading to diabetes.

The main cause of diabetes is diet. Therefore, many people will adjust their diet immediately after finding that their blood sugar rises, and choose to eat some foods such as millet porridge and sweet potatoes. But some people say that millet porridge can’t be drunk too much, it will raise blood sugar levels. Is this statement reliable?

Millet porridge is a “catalyst” for blood sugar?

Millet is a coarse grain. Although the carbohydrates in it will gradually increase after being boiled into millet porridge, it has little effect on blood sugar.

Because millet is rich in dietary fiber, acid and amino acids and a variety of mineral components, even after cooking, it can play a certain role in delaying the absorption of carbohydrates and fats in the stomach and avoiding meals. After the blood sugar rises, it is conducive to the stability of blood sugar. Therefore, diabetic patients can drink millet porridge properly at ordinary times, but the following two kinds of foods are actually not edible.

Doctor’s reminder: If you don’t want your blood sugar to stick like porridge, try to touch “2 free food” as little as possible

1. White rice porridge

Compared with millet, rice has higher carbohydrate content and a glycemic index of 83.2. Moreover, after being boiled for a long time, white rice is easier to gelatinize, and the higher the degree of gelatinization, the easier it is for the human body to absorb carbohydrates. Therefore, once a person with abnormal blood sugar eats too much, it will rapidly increase postprandial blood sugar, resulting in unstable condition.

2. White-faced steamed buns

White-faced steamed buns are made from refined wheat flour, and their glycemic index is 88.1, which is also a high-glycemic food. Because the starch content of white flour steamed bread is rich, it will be quickly digested after eating, which will increase the glucose content in the blood, causing the blood sugar to rise.

If there is a problem with the diet, which leads to the loss of blood sugar control, what harm will it do to the body?

1. Nervous system: numbness and tingling in the hands and feet, or may induce neurological disease;

2. Kidney harm: decreased renal function, proteinuria , and even induce uremia;

3. Large blood vessels: vascular damage occurs, causing cerebral infarction, occlusion of lower extremity large arteries, etc.;

4. Microvascular: causing vision loss, even Blind, retinopathy;

When blood sugar is high, these two things can be adjusted daily, or the blood sugar can be slowly stabilized

1. Supplement with hypoglycemic nutrients

People with high blood sugar must first ensure a healthy diet, but also protect the body’s nutrition. 【Benkavitsu】, it is added with pueraria root, burdock root, mulberry leaf, ginseng, cassia seed and other herbal ingredients. It has comprehensive nutrition, natural and safe ingredients, and is more conducive to the regulation of blood sugar.

The pharmacological effects are as follows:

Ginseng: Rich in ginsenosides, it can help regulate endocrine, enhance islet sensitivity, And then inhibit the synthesis of glycogen, so that the islets can exert normal glucose control ability;

Arctium root: The inulin and burdock glycosides can dilate blood vessels, enhance human metabolism, and help improve the Tolerance to carbohydrates, reducing blood sugar fluctuations;

Mulberry leaves: rich in various saponins, which can inhibit the accumulation of carbohydrates and fats in the blood, and also have anti-inflammatory properties. Oxidation is beneficial for delaying vascular hardening and preventing vascular diseases;

Combined with natural ingredients such as cassia seeds and pueraria, it can dilate blood vessels, help reduce insulin resistance, further nourish the pancreas, and improve the body’s self-sufficient sugar. Adhere to chewing 2 capsules of [Bencavit] every day, which can strengthen islets and promote blood sugar control.

2. Maintain a normal weight

Obesity is one of the predisposing factors for diabetes, so, Once people with abnormal blood sugar gain weight, it will lead to high blood sugar and aggravate the disease. Therefore, diabetic patients should insist on exercising, increase the amount of exercise, accelerate the consumption of fat and sugar, avoid weight gain, and prevent obesity.


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