Is drinking coffee good or bad for your health? What happens to your body if you drink it for a long time? How much to drink?

Every time someone drinks coffee, they want to sigh “It’s so fragrant!” cup. However, while drinking, I also worry about my health. Is it good or bad for the human body? Why does my heart pound after drinking it? Is the heart damaged?

Drink 200 cups of coffee in one go, what will happen?

Coffee cannot be said to be a completely harmless drink, because there is caffeine in it, and excessive intake is very risky . There was a young man in a foreign country who “drank” coffee and died because of improper operation.

It turned out that the guy bought a pack of caffeine powder, but he didn’t convert the unit of measurement when weighing it, and the result< span>Treat grams as milligrams, soon after drinking, I feel uncomfortable in my heart, and eventually die.

The autopsy results found that the caffeine content in his body was more than 200 times that of normal people,equivalent to Drink 200 cups of coffee in one go. This incident tells us that we must pay attention to food safety and not be careless. At the same time, I also want to warn those who are addicted to coffee to drink reasonably.

There is an aunt in Korea who is addicted to coffee. She has to mix rice with coffee to eat every day. Count it I drink 40 cups a day, she will mix coffee with any food she can think of, such as bananas, noodles, rice, desserts, etc. drink.

Why is coffee addictive?

If you don’t drink a cup in the morning, it will be difficult to wake up from the drowsy state, and you will also give yourself a drink when you work at night A glass, it seems that drinking can make the brain turn faster.

Because the substance inside excites the brain nerves, the brain will continue to desire this feeling and give you the instruction to have another drink. After drinking, the nerves will not be excited, and you will feel tired and drowsy.

In fact, many people are not addicted, but like this kind of sense of ritual< /strong>If you don’t drink when you get up or work, you won’t get stimulation. It’s a bit like a non-smoker who always feels that there is something missing. But after drinking it, the spirit recovers immediately. This feeling makes people feel very good, just like being addicted.

However, when you say no to drinking and then start drinking, or drinking more and more, be careful about the upcoming side effects, That is acid reflux, palpitation.

Drinking coffee has good and bad effects on the body

It helps Relieve stress

When working, the brain has to think all the time, the pressure is very high, and drinking coffee is not only to replenish water, but also to enjoy Life, take advantage of this time to relax your body, wait until the caffeine activates your brain, work more efficiently and release stress.

Helps reduce dementia risk

The emergence of diseases is actually neurodegeneration. To put it simply, the nerves have no passion and the response to external stimuli is weak. Caffeine can stimulate the nerves and strengthen the metabolism of brain cells. Therefore, the elderly should drink it properly. Coffee improves memory.

Good for the gut

People who drink coffee often have more bacteria in their intestines. In addition, it is a liquid that can continuously replenish water, so the intestines are not easy to dry out, which is helpful for improving constipation and reducing diarrhea.

People who drank a cup of coffee a day, compared with those who drank Which one is healthier for people who drink 6 cups of coffee?

A study found that people who drink 1-4 cups of coffee a day, The metabolic risk is relatively low, and diabetes is not easy to occur. Studies in the American Journal of Biology have also shown that caffeine can help repair cells. For patients with cardiovascular disease, drink 0.5-3 cups per day It is more appropriate and can reduce all-cause mortality.

It can be seen that a drink It is relatively normal. If you drink six cups a day, it is a bit too much. Some people say that they feel their heart pounding, which may be caused by drinking too much. Although it can improve heart function, everyone should understand that too much is too much. < /span>More than 4 cups of heart will take a greater risk.

Moreover, research is research after all, Not necessarily applicable to everyone’s constitution If you don’t pay attention to the dosage, it will be very dangerous of.

Compared with coffee, the healthier drink is plain water

Feeling a lot of pressure and confused mind, drinking coffee is not the only way, you can stand up and go outside for a walk, take a few minutes of deep breathing, after more fresh air enters the body, the brain will become fresh. Coffee is a short-term refreshment, not to make you really stress-free, so it is not recommended to drink too much.

In contrast, boiled water is much healthier. Many people don’t drink water when they are thirsty, but they like to drink fragrant coffee. In fact, it doesn’t have to be so troublesome. Plain water can help you relieve your thirst, and it can also dilute the blood and speed up the kidneys. Metabolism, it actually has all the benefits you want from coffee.

The key isThere are no health taboos, no matter who needs to drink water, when you feel thirsty, you are already very thirsty If you are short of water, you should replenish it in time. No matter how much you drink, you can’t bear the role of plain water.

The weather is very cold now, you should prepare some warm water on hand so that you can replenish water at any time,to prevent Chapped lips, decreased urination. Drinking warm water will warm your body up quickly and not be so cold. You can also fumigate the eyes and nasal cavity with hot water, so that the eyes will not be so tired, and the nose will not feel dry and uncomfortable.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that coffee is generally very hot. There is no evidence that drinking it can prevent cancer, but if it always burns your mouth , but will increase your cancer risk.

In fact, many things are not that complicated, and you don’t have to worry about what to drink. Whether it is convenience or economy, plain water is more practical. You don’t have to worry about your health being damaged when you wake up, don’t you think?