Is an expensive mattress necessarily good? Doctor’s reminder: take the user’s physical condition as the standard the next day

The weather is getting colder, many people drill early Going into a warm bed, watching a football game, swiping your phone… Calculated based on the 8 hours of sleep per day, people spend at least one-third of their lives in bed. A comfortable mattress can not only improve the quality of sleep, but also protect the spine.

Some people think that the hard board bed is good for the waist, some people think that the softer the bed, the more comfortable, and some people Specially pick expensive ones. In fact, a mattress with moderate hardness is more suitable for the physiological structure of the human body. Yang Huaqing, director of the Orthopedics First Rehabilitation Center of Beijing Rehabilitation Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, reminded that the mattress should not be too soft or too hard. “A hard mattress cannot fit the normal physiological curvature of the human spine, which is not conducive to spine shaping; A mattress that is too soft cannot support the spine, and it is easy to cause excessive deformation of the spine, which is not conducive to the protection of the spine. If things go on like this, it will cause waist discomfort and even lumbar muscle strain.”

“Press down on the mattress with both hands, you can press down 4-5 cm, and after the pressure is removed, it quickly recovers to a moderate hardness.”Yang Huaqing said, A good mattress is based on the user’s comfort and spirit the next day, without feeling tired or stiff.. In addition, the mattress should not be excessively deformed during use. As people turn over or get up, the position where they have been lying can quickly return to their original shape. This is also the criterion for choosing a mattress.

Age, fat and thin are different, and the choice of soft or hard mattresses is also different. It should be within the range of 4-5 cm under pressure. Yang Huaqing pointed out that those who are heavier should choose a relatively hard mattress, and those who are lighter can choose a relatively soft mattress. In addition, children who are lighter in weight can use a slightly softer mattress, while teenagers should choose a slightly harder mattress. As they grow older,the elderly can choose relatively soft mattresses, which have a certain protective effect on their getting up. “The bones of the elderly are fragile, and sleeping on a bed that is too hard often leads to risks such as brittle fractures. Similarly, for children, choosing a hard bed, when resting or playing and jumping on the bed, due to lack of elasticity, it is easy to cause damage to the epiphysis. The epiphysis is the two ends of each joint of a child, and damage to the epiphysis affects the child’s physical growth.” Yang Huaqing further explained.

Not only is the softness of the mattress related to spine health and sleep quality, pillows are also very important. Yang Huaqing pointed out that many people have misunderstandings about pillows. They are used to putting pillows on the occipital area, that is, the back of the head. The correct way should be to support the neck with the pillow. “It is best to choose a pillow with partitions. The pillow in the back sleeping area is slightly sunken, and the neck is slightly higher. The standard is that the lower jaw should not be raised too much when lying flat. The height of the side sleeping area should be slightly higher than that of the back sleeping area to play a more effective role.” Good support for the cervical spine.”

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