Industry deep cultivation He leads the creation of a closed-loop industry in the field of heavy competitive sports

Weifang Kangrui Sports Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 In 2000, it is a high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D, manufacturing and sales of competitive sports equipment. As the most innovative and well-known heavy-duty professional equipment supplier and service provider in China, Kangrui Sports has always written a splendid chapter with perseverance for more than 20 years.

“With consumption level The continuous improvement of sports has gradually become an indispensable part of the lives of more and more people. The reason why we make a fuss about ‘sports manufacturing + sports services + sports education’ is actually to form a closed loop of the sports industry. Only when a closed loop is formed , the development of the sports industry is healthy and sustainable, and can benefit more groups.” said Zhang Zhaoyi, chairman of Weifang Kangrui Sports Industry Co., Ltd.

Adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship Small industry has great achievements

In the 1990s, domestic cognition and equipment demand for heavy competitive sports such as boxing, Sanda, and Taekwondo were very limited. Purely from the perspective of a businessman, it is not wise to join this “small industry”. Zhang Zhaoyi, chairman of Kangrui Sports, did the opposite. Why can he lead the team to achieve great things in this small industry?

“Many of my friends are in Martial arts schools or heavy-duty sports teams could only buy foreign-made equipment at that time, and the price was high and it was difficult to guarantee the training effect.” At that time, the seed of “letting Chinese people use national brands” quietly took root in Zhang Zhaoyi’s heart. Looking back at the early days of his business, Zhang Zhaoyi couldn’t help feeling a lot of emotion. From product imitation to continuous surpassing and upgrading, from independent innovation to building the core competitiveness of the brand, behind every step is soaked in countless sweat and hard work. “Since we are very optimistic about the development prospects and huge space of Chinese sports, we should say less and do more, combine the characteristics of different sports, give full play to the spirit of craftsmanship, and truly develop products to the extreme.”

Constantly growing and growing through tempering, Kangrui is currently Has a R&D design team of nearly 20 people. The multi-functional intelligent electronic target and multi-angle target design developed by the company, and the intelligent big data system can intuitively and efficiently reflect the training effect; the domestic first horsehair-filled glove technology makes up for the gap in domestic high-end glove products; the SPARTACUS series positioned in the high-end market sells well at home and abroad Market…

△Kangrui High-end SPARTACUS fighting equipment series, handcrafted, ingenious inheritance

△Kangrui pioneered the horsehair-filled glove technology in China, making up for the gap in domestic high-end glove products

△Kangrui boxing boots series, combined with the latest dry and wet anti-slip Wet Grip research and development technology, can make you fast on the boxing ring, confident and calm

△From planning and design to the whole series of equipment, Kangrui can provide a comprehensive construction plan for the comprehensive training hall

△Kangrui multi-function intelligent electronic target multi-angle target design, intelligent big data system can intuitively and efficiently Reflecting the training effect

Thousands of scouring and thousands of drums are hard work, blowing all the yellow sand to get gold. In this “small industry”, Zhang Zhaoyi leads Kangrui people to uphold the principle of “spreading sports culture and creating the best product value” The corporate purpose and business philosophy have realized the glory of the national brand. In recent years, relying on the domestic market, Kangrui Sports has continuously explored a marketing system that is in line with the international advanced operation mode. Its products are exported to 21 countries and regions around the world, including the United States, Russia, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Nigeria, and Venezuela.

Sports service to build community Fitness matrix

Xiongguan Road is as long as iron, and now it is starting from the beginning. Today, Kangrui Sports has many years of experience in operating the sports market for heavy-duty competitive equipment, and has built a “troika” of sports manufacturing, sports services, and sports education around the sports industry. An integrated group sports industry company.

In terms of sports services, Kangrui Sports focuses on three aspects: Yuzier community fitness, campus sports services, and brand event services. At present, Kangrui Sports has reached a cooperation agreement with more than 30 primary and secondary schools on the development and operation of campus sports venues. Under the premise of ensuring campus safety, it uses “Internet +” to conduct in-depth and reasonable development and operation of campus sports venue resources, and solves the problem of social sports venue resources. The shortage problem has improved the utilization rate of vacant venues in the education system, allowing more people to participate in sports.

Physical education builds a professional sports talent training system

National fitness needs In sharp contrast to this, there is a serious shortage of professional sports training guidance and service talents. Based on this, Kangrui Sports is actively “marrying” with colleges and universities. Under the principle of complementary advantages and collaborative education, it has successively reached strategic cooperation with Shandong University and Weifang Vocational College to jointly build a professional sports talent training system to make up for the current huge sports Gap in the talent market.

“Competitive life, refuse “Ordinary” Although there are only eight short words, it expresses the ingenuity and determination of Kangrui Sports to deeply cultivate the sports industry. After more than 20 years of development, Kangrui Sports has passed the three major management system certifications, and has successively won the titles of Weifang Sports Industry Demonstration Unit, Weifang Sports Industry Demonstration Base, Shandong Sports Industry Demonstration Unit, High-tech Enterprise, National Advanced Unit of Mass Sports and other honorary titles.

Kangrui Sports will continue to Guided by scientific and technological innovation, continue to spread sports culture and sports spirit, promote the high-quality development of cross-border integration of the sports industry, and contribute to the construction of a “sports power” and a “healthy China”!