India asked to borrow giant pandas, but was rejected 14 times and still did not give up. Why did Qatar succeed once?

How rich is Qatar? Spending 500 million yuan to lease Chinese giant pandas, Indians cried with envy, because their applications were rejected 14 times. Why?

Do you know where Qatar is? The World Cup made this country completely popular. Qatar directly allocated more than 200 billion US dollars for the World Cup, and built a city in the desert. They also spent a lot of money to rent two giant pandas from my country.

What preparations has Qatar made to welcome Chinese giant pandas Jingjing and Sihai?

The first is to build a panda house. The panda house built in Qatar can be said to be the largest in the world, with a total area of ​​120,000 square meters< /span>. In order for the pandas to live in Qatar with peace of mind, the designer installed an environmental simulation system in the panda house. This system can simulate the climate in Sichuan, and the temperature and humidity are exactly the same as the panda’s habitat.

In addition to the environmental simulation system, the Panda House in Qatar The staff is also very caring, and specially visited the birthplaces of Jingjing and Sihai, and decorated the interior of the panda house according to the original residences of the two giant pandas. In this way, Jingjing and Sihai are exactly the same as at home when they arrive in the Middle East.

There is a large pool in the Panda Pavilion in Qatar, which is specially prepared for pandas. Jingjing and Sihai can happily play in it. In the Middle East, where water is more expensive than oil, it is a very luxurious thing to be able to play with water.

Having a house is not enough, what the giant pandas eat is also the biggest concern of the panda house staff question.

There is no bamboo in Qatar, but there is money.In order to let the two giant pandas eat their hometown dishes, the Panda Pavilion chartered a special plane. The plane takes off from Qatar every day and travels more than 5,000 kilometers to Sichuan to load bamboo. Each trip carries a ton of bamboo back to the Panda House for the two pandas to eat.

Although the problem of eating has been solved, how to raise the panda house has made it difficult . Before this, there was no giant panda in the Middle East. The local breeders, not to mention pandas, had never even seen a bear, so they knew nothing about how to raise them.

This question is also very simple for the Qatar government. Since pandas can be rented, can breeders also be recruited in China? The Panda House also recruited the original breeders of Jingjing and Sihai into the Panda House, and paid them quite high rewards. These two breeders can be regarded as enjoying the blessings of following the pandas to the Middle East.

When applying for loan of pandas in Qatar, there are manyPeople expressed concern. After all, the desert environment in the Middle East is very different from that in Sichuan. Pandas are not resistant to cold and heat. The climate and environment in the Middle East is not suitable for raising pandas at all. Jingjing and Sihai are living very well in Qatar. These two pandas left the country on October 20th. They have gained six catties in just over a month, and their weight will not lie. It can be said that Jingjing and Sihai have received the best treatment since my country started leasing pandas.

Although Qatar is very concerned about Jingjing and Sihai, these two pandas will come back after the lease period ends. It is rumored on the Internet that the Chinese government will give two giant pandas as gifts Giving Qatar is pure nonsense. my country’s giant pandas are only borrowed and not given away. The rent for each panda is 1 million US dollars per year, and the ownership of giant panda cubs born abroad also belongs to my country.

In fact, it is a great honor for Qatar to be eligible for loan. Since the 1980s, only 20 countries have obtained the qualifications for lease in a few decades, and many applicant countries have been rejected. Take India as an example, so far they have applied for a total of 14 times, and each time they have been rejected. The Indians are very envious of the success of Qatar’s loan.

Why can’t India rent pandas? In terms of international influence, the third brother is much stronger than Qatar. Why is my country unwilling to rent?

Everyone knows some historical grievances and grievances between China and India, so there is no need to say more about this. Leaving aside the historical disputes, with regard to the virtues of the Indians, our country really dare not lend them giant pandas.

It is well known all over the world that Indians do not pay attention to hygiene. Japanese Internet celebrities bathed in the Ganges, but fell ill when they went ashore. Lease giant pandas to Indians. If they feed the pandas some water from the Ganges River, the consequences will be terrible. Diarrhea is certain. Although the giant panda is solid, it is a national treasure after all, so we can’t make such a fuss.

We all know that there are two places in Asia where the water is not drinkable. One is the Ganges River in India and the other is Tokyo Bay in Japan. When water is mixed together, the entire periodic table of elements can be assembled. Mendeleev tasted it and called it an expert. If our giant pandas are rented out, I don’t know what kind of waste they will be.

Closer to home, in fact, the economy of the country where the giant panda is rented is deeply tied to our country fixed. Take Qatar as an example, most of the cities they built for the World Cup were built by our country, which is a big list. Qatar invested a total of 1,409.2 billion yuan in the construction of Lusail New City, and my country can earn at least 100 billion yuan from it.

Some people commented on this year’s World Cup, “In the eyes of the fans, the champion of this year’s World Cup may be Brazil or France. In fact, the biggest winner It has been confirmed a long time ago, and the irony is that none of their players have come.” The biggest winner here refers to China, which can be seen everywhere in Qatar’s World Cup stadium, and even China’s giant pandas are helping the World Cup !