In the Ningxia desert in August, there were strong winds and heavy rain. From the perspective of aerial photography, there were even green stars.

    There are many desert-related scenic spots in Ningxia, among which Shapotou is the most famous, because it has not only been rated as the national 5A level, but also among the top 500 environmental protection units in the world. At the 2018 China Yellow River Tourism Conference, it was rated as “50 Scenic Spots of the Yellow River in China”, and was selected as the best leisure tourism destination in “China National Tourism” in the same year, so there is no doubt that its supporting services and experience projects are quite mature. , in the major scenic spots in the country are considered outstanding.

      I came here to check in at the beginning of August, probably bad luck. It is large and intermittent, and it is possible to “gallop” in the desert after all. Because I had “wasted” a lot of time in projects such as sheepskin rafts in the Yellow River area of ​​Shapotou before, I could only choose the most classic off-road vehicle “surfing” in the desert area.

    The specially modified “surf car” is galloping on the rolling sand dunes, and the old driver of the scenic spot can also control the direction and communicate with the passengers at the same time. Chat, inform in advance the slope, drop, etc., of course, the main thing is to remind tourists to fasten their seat belts, not to take pictures, to protect their mobile phones or cameras and so on. In fact, I used a mobile phone to record the whole process. Although it comes with anti-shake, those video materials can only be used for memory, which is not very practical.

    On the way to and from, the driver will stop at the set pick-up spots for a while to facilitate tourists to take pictures. Seeing that I was tossing the “little plane”, and even acting as an assistant, watching him fly and pick up the plane with his bare hands, it is obvious that practice makes perfect, and it can be seen that this kind of situation is often encountered in ordinary times.

Shapotou was originally “live”, It was formed by moving forward and accumulating the famous Tengger Desert, but with the local people’s attention and protection of the environment, its desert area has basically remained unchanged since it became a scenic spot. If you look closely, you will find that there are large tools like forklifts parked in the inconspicuous corners of the depths, which should be used for landscape maintenance or emergency rescue.

Just like what we usually see in movies or documentaries, in addition to the endless sand in the desert, we can also see various kinds of sand from time to time. Such a plant with amazing endurance, but unfortunately for non-professionals, if I don’t check the information on the plants here, I can’t name them.

    The bright green is like stars and moon dotted on countless Among the hills of different sizes, they are particularly dazzling in the natural and soft curves of the desert. I don’t know if it often rains in Shapotou, but when I first saw such a vivid picture, I was very shocked and amazed. (The author of the picture and text: A Lu, please do not reprint, please pay attention to collection and like)

     Since all of us are carrying SLRs or drones, and even models in ancient costumes, it is said that the parking time is overdue, but the scenic spot is not too much. To be honest, the service attitude of the handsome driver has always been very good and very enthusiastic. However, when shooting here, it is best to communicate with the staff in advance, because if you want to find a scene that is unmanned and very clean and has no footprints, you must walk a little bit. It takes time to come and go.

Rare trip to Ningxia desert, although the weather is a bit bad , but I finally saw its unique appearance. I only hope that if I have the opportunity, I can come back and try to ride a white camel in Shapotou.

      Shapotou Scenic Area is located in Yingshuiqiao Town, Shapotou District, Zhongwei City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, can be reached by car or by local bus No. 2 and direct line.