In the early winter season, it is suggested that middle-aged and elderly people: “Eat 2 things and do 3 things” to have strong legs and feet and a good complexion

For middle-aged and elderly people, every winter is a hurdle. As the weather gets colder, the humidity in the air is gradually decreasing. The cold and dry environment will inevitably make people People feel uncomfortable, so middle-aged and elderly people should also make corresponding adjustments to their bodies so that they can survive the cold winter comfortably.

Early winter is the “golden recuperation period” for the body, middle-aged and elderly people can adjust their daily habits To improve one’s physical fitness, often “eat 2 things and do 3 things”, the physical and mental state will have more significant positive changes.

“Eat 2 things”

1. Soy milk

After entering winter, the weather will As you get drier, you need to replenish your body with water in time. For the elderly, regular drinking of soy milk can replenish water and protein at the same time, which will be more beneficial to the nourishing effect of the body.

There are many choices of soybean milk, middle-aged and elderly friends can always prepare Sanchuangui black soybean milk powder to drink , its black soybean raw material contains more high-quality protein and other nutrients. It is machine-processed into powder and can be drunk directly by adding hot water and stirring. The method of quantitative brewing is also very friendly to middle-aged and elderly people.

What is more considerate is that Sanchuangui Black Soybean Milk Powder has its own sweetness, but it is made of maltose Instead of sucrose for flavoring, sugar reduction does not reduce sweetness, and it will not cause a calorie burden on the body. Drinking it regularly has many benefits to the body.

2. Fruits

Many middle-aged and elderly people also have the habit of eating fruits, which is also a way to replenish water for the body, but the nutritional value of fruits More reflected in the variety of nutrients it contains.

The rich vitamin substances can help strengthen the metabolism of the human body, and can promote the replacement of nutrients inside the body, so as to better help improve the physical and mental state of the whole person, and also help to alleviate the symptoms caused by climate change. Discomfort caused by dryness.

“Do 3 things”

1. Stabilize emotions< /strong>

Some elderly people often become more irritable and irritable when they get older. Coupled with the habit of worrying about their children, the anxiety in their hearts is easy to be continuously amplified. The body will also cause certain harm, so it is suggested that middle-aged and elderly friends should actively adjust their mentality, stabilize their emotions, and avoid physical discomfort caused by excessive worry.

For unreasonable irritability and anxiety, you can prepare some Sanchuangui Suanzaoren Pills, it not only contains jujube seeds to help calm the mind, but also incorporates nourishing ingredients such as poria, lotus seeds, and yam, which are helpful for emotional comfort and make the body and mind more comfortable.

Sanchuangui Suanzaoren Pills also worked hard on the taste according to the preferences of the public, using the delicate sweetness of honey and mulberry to relieve the sourness of the Suanzaoren. It is also very suitable.

2. Light diet

Although the elderly pay more attention to “food supplements” in winter, their eating habits should be controlled accordingly. It will hinder normal food digestion, and it will also increase the burden on the stomach. Over time, it will cause the deterioration of body functions, and toxins will continue to accumulate in the body, affecting normal body metabolism.

Middle-aged and elderly people should mainly eat a light diet in winter, and try to choose fish, shrimp, etc. for meat. It is fresh and tender, easy to chew and absorb, and contains high nutritional value. Eating it with an appropriate amount of fresh vegetables is also beneficial to the body.

3. Replenishing qi and blood

As the weather gets colder, people’s complexion will often be affected, and it is necessary to take care of the qi and blood in the body in time . In addition to developing the habit of moderate exercise, middle-aged and elderly people can also eat more food to supplement qi and blood, and the way of food tonic will be relatively milder.

The Qidu Fang Yiyan Cake is made of red dates, red beans, wolfberry and other red grains pastries. These ingredients are ground and baked to make a soft pastry. The middle-aged and elderly people not only have a new delicious experience when eating it, but also have a dense texture that is easy to chew and absorb nutrients well.

What needs to be mentioned is that Qidu Fang Yiyan Cake is quite different from other pastries. Sugar alcohol replaces sucrose to control calories, and does not contain any additives such as flavors and pigments. The pure nutritional composition is reassuring. Middle-aged and elderly people eat two tablets a day, refreshing and more comfortable.

Summary: Early winter is an adaptation stage for people, so when the weather is not so cold, middle-aged and elderly friends may wish to stick to “eat 2 things, do 3 things”, start from the basics, and take care of your body and mind to survive the winter better.