In the cold wave blue warning, the minimum temperature will drop by more than 8 ℃! Strong winds, cooling, and precipitation appear one after another

This morning

Although the sun is shy and cloudy

But it did not stop the pace of temperature rise

Afternoon time

The temperature performance is still warm

The highest temperature in the province rose to 11 ~16℃

You can still feel the warmth in winter

< span>City Forecast List


My friends, don’t take it lightly span>

The recovery in winter is not “long love”

Quietly tell everyone

The weather is about to turn

< p data-track="14">Many places will experience “quick freezing” cooling

Strong winds, cooling, and precipitation appear one after another

Affected by surface cyclones and fronts

Estimated for the next three days

< span>There will be strong winds, cooling, and precipitation in our province

The specific forecast is as follows< /span>


This afternoon to night: the whole province is sunny and cloudy. Westerly winds of level 7 or above; On the morning of the 25th, there was fog or light fog in some areas in the south.


Tomorrow from daytime to nighttime: the whole province is sunny and cloudy, most of the north central and some parts of the south will have level 4-5, short Northwest winds of magnitude 6 to 7 or above.


Day to night the day after tomorrow: the whole province is sunny and cloudy, There will be light rain or rain in the south-central parts and parts of the north There is snow, and there is light snow in the mountains.

Precipitation Fall Area Forecast

Temperature< /span>

Under the strong wind


The highest in the north The temperature dropped to single digits first

And the lowest temperature fell “cliff-like”

Like Datong in the north

The highest today Temperature12℃→Tomorrow 4℃

Today’s minimum temperature-5℃ → Tomorrow -14℃

The cold hits people

Datong temperature forecast map for the next 7 days

Shanxi Provincial Meteorological Observatory released at 10:33 this morning

< span>Cold wave blue warning

Sudden drop in temperature

Coupled with howling wind

The wind chill effect is obvious

Friends must do a good job of keeping warm when going out

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Source: Shanxi Weather