If you refuse to “should”, young people have to be “wild” and see how Beijing’s off-road is “happy wild”


As soon as the alarm clock rings, put on clothes, brush your teeth, wash your face, go to work, and repeat this step every day. Mornings are spent like this, and on weekends, some consumers will choose to live the day at home, because after a busy week, there is nothing to relax, and it is precisely because of the gradual popularization of this phenomenon, Among many young people, there is a popular leisure travel mode of “off-road + camping”, and Beijing off-road is a “loyal fan” of this kind of leisure travel, which can be seen from the first Yueye Tribe Activity Day out.

Young people have to be “wild”, and cool is the mainstream

The successful holding of the first Yueye Tribe Activity Day allowed more and more consumers to witness the charm of outdoor camping, and at the same time made the new term “Yueye” life a popular among contemporary young people The preferred way of leisure travel, and not long ago, the 2nd Yueye Never Sunset officially opened, which not only attracted the attention of a large number of consumers, but also featured high-profile new models in this event. Although the theme of this event is still “camping + off-road”, after the successful holding of the previous event, the “degree of freedom” of this event is obviously higher than that of the previous one.

In this event, Beijing Cross Country has prepared many activities for the participants, such as playing football, Handmade DIY, bonfire party, and various delicacies allow participants to better experience the free enjoyment brought by “camping”, further emphasizing the “Yueye” life, and at the same time, in this activity, there are more forest Wolf family, trendy IP NFTs, T-shirts and other trendy items were unveiled. It is precisely because of these trendy items that the theme of this event “New Life in the Wilderness” has been interpreted, and the participants have felt the new trend of the trend. The infinite charm of power. Young people have to be “wild”.

Double cars appear together, so there is no gap between the city and the mountains

In addition to a large number of camping activities, Chaoji 40 and 2023 City Hunters also appeared, making this “Yue Ye” camping activity even more “tidal wild”. Based on the BJ40 Ring Tower Champion Edition, the Chaohe 40, jointly built by Beijing Off-Road and Chaohe Automobile, was the focus of the audience as soon as it appeared on the stage. The off-road atmosphere has been improved to a higher level, coupled with the exclusive two-color car jackets of “Moon Rock Silver” and “Dark Moon Black” of the new car, which makes the new car more cool and cool, which is in line with the urban car scene of young consumers.

Beijing’s off-road deep cultivation, to understand the basic needs of domestic users in urban vehicles, so for the super And 40 has created an exclusive cockpit, coupled with a new car-machine interface and Hi-Fi audio and other configurations, making the new car more suitable for urban vehicles. However, if you think that Chaoji 40 has only made these changes, you are wrong. In addition to the configuration that is more suitable for life, the new car has also been comprehensively upgraded in terms of off-road capabilities. It is equipped with K-MAN nitrogen reduction Vibrator, non-load-bearing body structure and high-strength roll cage for all-terrain, plus deformable roof and spare tire backpack, and luggage rack, make the new car truly “city and wild”.

In this event, in addition to over 40, there is a touch of sky and sea. “Blue”, and it is the 2023 BJ40 City Hunter that has been fully upgraded after ten generations of model development. The new car adopts a new “Sea Breeze Blue” car cover, which makes people feel the sky at a glance. It has a good sense of relaxation and joy. At the same time, the new car has also undergone all-round upgrades in the configuration of the car, and has reached a cooperation with Tencent to make its car function more suitable for urban SUVs, and the new car has also carried out a lot of NVH performance. The optimization of the orientation makes the quietness of the new car more suitable for urban vehicles.

Besides, Beijing Off-Road knows that young people in the current era like “should it”, so in order to Let these young people understand the “tidal wild” life, take the off-road capability of the 2023 BJ40 City Hunter a step further, and optimize multiple positions on the body. After optimization, the water wading capability of the new car has reached the same level of leading 750mm , coupled with a lightweight design and a body composed of a large number of alloy materials, make the new car more adaptable in extreme off-road environments. In addition, in this event, Beijing Off-Road also used the BJ40 as the prototype, and exhibited a total of 12 national tide color matching car clothing, which not only promoted China’s traditional culture, but also made more consumers fall in love with trendy, cool, The “Yueye” life of Chaowan.


Beijing off-road has always been a leader in autonomous off-road vehicles, and through these two Yueye tribe activity days I believe that everyone can feel its breakthrough and innovative spirit. This can be seen in the Chaoji 40 and 2023 BJ40 City Hunters unveiled on this event day. It calls on young people not to “do it”. You should find your own “poetry and distance” when you are on vacation, and these two models can not only take you through the crowded streets of the city, but also take you to explore the scenery of nature. It can be said that Beijing’s off-road will ” The characteristics of “Nengcheng and Noye” have been brought into full play, and I believe that in the future, Beijing Off-Road will continue to break through itself and push the “Yueye Life” to a new height.