If you are not a couple going to the hotel to check in, what will happen if you only register one person’s information?

In today’s society, it is normal to travel for business or tourism, so at this time it is inevitable to stay in a hotel or hotel at night. After all, no one wants to live under a bridge or a viaduct. But before checking into a hotel, everyone knows to register personal information, but sometimes a group of people go on business or travel, and only register the information of one person, which may bring about a series of problems and attract the attention of the country.

Regulations of the country

The country has long stipulated that the hotel needs to register the identity information of each occupant. Don’t be too troublesome, because if the registration is not so strict, some criminals will take the opportunity to carry out illegal and criminal activities. And register the information, so that even if the criminals commit crimes, the police can quickly identify the criminals and quickly arrest them.

In the past when it was not strict, some hotels were not so strict, but now they are not so strict. If something goes wrong, the hotel will be severely punished.

Since the relevant departments have strengthened the supervision of hotels. Most hotels are now strictly enforcing the relevant regulations. In addition, in order to better supervise, the police will regularly visit some hotels on a regular basis to investigate dangerous incidents as soon as possible.

Some non-marital relationships


Everyone knows that the men and women who stay in may not necessarily be in a relationship between husband and wife, such as a relationship between lovers, a relationship between lovers, a special transaction relationship, etc. Very common.

If it’s a couple relationship and only one person’s information is registered, then you don’t have to worry, just answer the police questions honestly, and the police won’t embarrass you. Don’t panic, the police can understand, but next time it’s better to register two people’s information.

If it is a lover relationship, only one person’s information is registered. In fact, although this situation violates morality, it does not violate the law. Therefore, in general, the police can only advise verbally, but when encountering some people with a strong sense of justice The police will conduct criticism and education, because after all, extramarital affairs are looked down upon by many people, and they often destroy one or two families and cause some damage to social stability.

Finally, there is a special transaction relationship. Only one person’s information is registered. Everyone knows that this is strictly prohibited by the laws of our country. Therefore, if you conduct a special transaction in a hotel, you must be prepared to be caught. At the same time, I also hope that the police will not be soft-hearted. After all, this is illegal. Not only will the parties be taken away directly, but they will also bear criminal responsibility, and the person in charge of the hotel will also be punished, because they did not register the information of both of them. It was their dereliction of duty, so making special deals in hotels is something the law would never allow.

So here I remind the hotel that you must register everyone’s personal information when you check in. Don’t think about reducing trouble and not register. If you encounter anything, it will be more than the loss. matter. The hotel guests must actively cooperate with the hotel and the police, and cannot do illegal things.

And the hotel should also do its own thing, strictly abide by the national regulations, check the identity information of the hotel guests, and try to provide a safe environment.

If the hotel guests find some illegal transactions in the hotel, they can also report to the police in time, or they can also make suggestions when they find the hotel services are inappropriate.

I hope everyone will actively cooperate with the regulations of the relevant departments, a few people should register the relevant identity information of a few people, and don’t think about doing illegal things. Not to be missed, and the hotel must strictly register everyone’s information to avoid some bad things from happening.