I took a break from the summer in Jiayin, a small town in Yichun at 20°C, and went to Maolangou, which has received rave reviews. It is so beautiful.

I took my wife to escape the summer in Jiayin, a small town in Yichun, and my friends highly recommended Maolangou National Forest Park, Wan said that it must not be missed, and said that if you have not been to Maolangou, you have not been to Jiayin. So, my wife and I drove off by ourselves, and we really gained an unparalleled travel experience.

I learned before I went Maolangou National Forest Park was once known as the “Little Jiuzhai in the North”. After visiting it, I don’t agree with this metaphor. Because Maolanggou and Jiuzhaigou have completely different topographic features, Jiuzhaigou has the beauty of Jiuzhaigou, Maolanggou has the beauty of Maolanggou, they are all unique and beautiful existences.

describe Mao Langou is the most suitable summer resort, which integrates strange mountains, beautiful waters, lush forests, secluded pools and beautiful waterfalls. On that day, my wife and I entered the scenic spot early. For a few hours, we climbed the stone steps, walked through the dense forest, and crossed the canyon.

On that day, we After getting off the sightseeing bus, we go downhill all the way to the bottom of the valley. Because it is a deep valley formed by the migration and extrusion of the crustal plates over hundreds of millions of years, the magic of nature is vividly displayed here. We walked along the stream and harvested the landscape scenery along the way, every place was moving.

< strong>We walk through the canyon, and the accompanying stream is called Maolan River, which finally flows into Heilongjiang, and Maolanggou is named after it. In summer, the sediment at the northern foot of the Xiaoxing’an Mountains was washed away by the rain, causing the river water to turn dark red. Although it is not clear, it is unique. Under the mottled sunlight sprinkled in the jungle, it is as beautiful as an oil painting.

In my eyes Maolanggou is more like a huge bonsai, and the carvings of nature make it dazzling every step of the way, making it dizzying. Such as the three-tiered pool with three waterfalls and three pools, the majestic Maolan Waterfall, the Yougu Shentan, the Black Dragon Pool, and the Fairy Pool, each of which is like a fairyland, how can you not admire it?

Walking in such deep valleys and dense forests, you can witness waterfalls and streams at any time Gurgling, such as the water flowing into the pool, the pool is full, the waterfall is a waterfall, and the waterfall and the pool are not only three-tiered pools, As long as we want, we can always encounter one surprise after another.

For example, take me , the rocks in the water, the scenery in the rocks, even just a small piece of moss on a small stone, can make me stop for a long time, their appearance is no less than a large forest of mountains and rivers.In Mao In Langou National Forest Park, as long as you have a pair of eyes that are good at discovering beauty, your heart will be greatly satisfied.

The reason why we like Maolang Valley is that in addition to the cool climate, the inner The untouched pristine ecological environment allows us to integrate our body and mind with nature. This is a most valuable experience for people who have lived in the city for too long.

As a national forest park, The area of ​​Maolangou is not small, and my wife and I did not feel any fatigue due to the pleasure of the body and mind during the tour. Will you come to Maolangou National Forest Park someday?