I have been vegetarian, why is my blood fat still high? Expert reminder: Make these 3 kinds of mistakes, and it’s useless to eat

Mr. Liu was found to have high blood lipids in the physical examination organized by the unit at the end of last year. The doctor suggested that he should adjust his life after returning, and adjust his diet and exercise. After going home and telling his wife about her physical condition, the wife attached great importance to it and started making healthy meals for Mr. Liu on the same day.

The so-called healthy meal is a vegetarian meal without a bit of meat. She believes that high blood lipids must not eat meat, otherwise it will lead to higher and higher blood lipids . In this regard, Mr. Liu has a lot of criticism, and the doctor did not say that you can’t eat meat at all? Who can afford to be a vegetarian all day long.

After reporting this to my wife, my wife didn’t take it seriously, she just thought he couldn’t endure hardship and continued to prepare healthy meals for him in his own way. Mr. Liu had a miserable life because of this, but he couldn’t convince his wife, so he sent a private letter to ask the editor, is it really impossible to eat meat with high blood lipids?

I have high blood lipids, can I still eat meat?

Of course it can be eaten. For patients with hyperlipidemia, meat and fishy foods cannot be completely rejected, but they should be eaten selectively.< strong>You can properly eat chicken, fish, lean meat and other foods with relatively low fat content, animal offal, fatty meat, chicken skin and other meat with high fat and cholesterol content Eat as little as possible.

I believe that there are many hyperlipidemic patients who are only vegetarians in daily life like ascetic monks, but find that their blood lipids have not decreased, even There is a higher and higher trend, and I can’t figure out what is causing it. Don’t worry, I will answer it for you.

I have always been a vegetarian, why is my blood lipids high?

Before we understand this problem, we need to know where the blood lipids in the body come from. There are two main ways for the body to produce blood lipids, one is dietary intake, also known as exogenous intake; the other is synthesized by the body itself, which belongs to endogenous production, and the proportion of the two is generally in Between 3:7.

In other words, most of the blood lipids in the body come from the body’s own synthesis, and the diet is controlled across the board without improving the abnormal liver function. , blood lipids naturally cannot be lowered. Coupled with many people with high blood lipids, it is not healthy to eat vegetarian food. These mistakes are very common. Let’s see if you have stepped into a misunderstanding?

Excessive intake of staple foods:Without meat, The intake of staple foods will increase to some extent. The staple food eaten by modern people is mostly some finely processed rice noodles, which contain Rich in carbohydrates, long-term intake of large amounts is easily converted into triglycerides in the body, which can easily lead to abnormal elevation of blood lipids;

Improper food choices:Some people think that eating meat is all you need to control blood lipids, thus ignoring some other high-fat vegetarian foods, such asMelon seeds, walnuts, and a few other snacksthat containnot low in fat, long-term consumption of large amounts of fat is even more likely to cause increased blood lipids than eating meat;

Excessive intake of vegetable fats: Long-term intake of a large amount of vegetable oil in life will also lead to abnormal increase in blood lipid levels. As long as the oil is vegetable oil or animal oil, excessive intake is not good for health.

In addition, a long-term vegetarian diet can also lead to inadequate levels of B vitamins and protein in the body, B vitamins can participate in the metabolism of lipids and sugars in the body, so that these substances can be converted into heat and be digested and utilized by the human body. high.

Protein is an important part of lipoproteins in the blood, which can combine with blood lipids and transport them to various tissues in the body for metabolism. Once the protein content in the body is insufficient, it will cause a lot of fat to “have nowhere to go”, and the inability to metabolize and accumulate in the body will naturally cause abnormal blood lipids to rise.

Simply put, for people with high blood lipids, the daily diet cannot be blindly vegetarian, but blindly vegetarian will have the opposite effect. In addition, there are still many people who think that high blood lipids are the “patent” of fat people. Is this statement true?

Hyperlipidemia is a “patent” of fat people? Don’t be too happy for these people.

Of course not. Obesity is only one of the factors that induces hyperlipidemia. It is not possible to measure blood lipids simply by body fat or thinness. normal.

From a certain point of view, thin people are more likely to get sick, because thin people often think that it has nothing to do with high blood lipids, and in life I will not control my diet, nor will I go for regular physical examinations. Ignoring myself may also be at risk of developing hyperlipidemia.After going to the doctor, the condition is often very serious.

The occurrence of hyperlipidemia is affected by many factors such as diseases, drugs and genetics, such as family history of hyperlipidemia, long-term use of hyperlipidemia Drugs that affect lipid metabolism and people with abnormal liver function are prone to hyperlipidemia. We cannot arbitrarily believe that hyperlipidemia is the patent of fat people, and any group may suffer from hyperlipidemia. blood lipids.

For patients who have been diagnosed with hyperlipidemia, what should they do in terms of diet? teach you a few methods.

What principles should be followed in diet for hyperlipidemia patients?

First, pay attention to your dieteat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains and soy products, meat products are mostly used as an auxiliary, and can be eaten in small amounts. Pay attention to choosing low-fat foods, and try to eat less fatty meat and animal offal;

Secondly, sweet, fried and barbecued foods should be eaten as little or as little as possible, these foods are rich in

Finally, patients with hyperlipidemia also need to strictly quit smoking and limit alcohol , nicotine in cigarettes and ethanol in alcohol will interfere with normal fat metabolism after entering the body, and will also induce some other diseases, which is very detrimental to health.

The disease of hyperlipidemia is very common in life. As ordinary people, if we want to prevent hyperlipidemia, we need to do it from our living habits first. out change. #health star Program# #Health2022#


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