I exercise every day, I haven’t lost weight, and I’m obviously getting older. What’s going on? tell you the truth

At the age of less than 30, he was diagnosed with fatty liver, and it has developed tomoderate fatty liver< /strong>, the doctor suggested that the boy should start to lose weight, saying that he is too fat. If this state continues, not only fatty liver, but also blood pressure and blood lipids may be affected.

When the young man heard the doctor’s serious words, he didn’t dare to neglect. Inside.

In fact, not only the doctor told me to lose weight, but my family, friends, and my girlfriend all told me to lose weight. It is easy to cause problems if you say that you can’t do this.

I have never taken it seriously, I feel that I am still young, and it is not difficult to lose weight. Even if I gain a little weight, it will affect my personal image and have no effect on my health.

Unexpectedly, during the physical examination organized by the company, a problem was discovered, and he was a little surprised that he was found to have a moderate fatty liver , After listening to the doctor’s words, I also realized the seriousness of the problem.

So, I made up my mind to lose weight. After searching the Internet for a while, I found thatI lost weight The important principle of , that is, two points, is keep your mouth shut and your legs open, Since then, a series of weight loss programs have been launched.

After losing weight for a period of time, the moment I stood on the scale, I was still thinking in my heart that I probably lost a lot, and people around me said I lost weight, but I forgot to look at the number on the scale, it was still 70kg.

I thought it was my eyesight, but after confirming it many times, I finally accepted the fact,weightYes ReallyThere is no reduction, which makes him very puzzled and a little suspicious of himself.

At this time, my girlfriend still doesn’t forget to make up the knife, why do you look like you recentlyHeavy bags under the eyes< /span>It’s a bit better, my physical condition is not as good as before, I don’t look not so energetic, more importantly YesThe hairline moves backIt is more serious, making you look a lot older.

This is even more unacceptable to the guy. I have been thinking about what I did wrong. Obviously I followed the suggestions on the Internet Yes, something went wrong.

What’s wrong with the guy’s weight loss plan?

The guy shared his weight loss process with his girlfriend in detail, sorted it out, and it looks like this:


First of all, the guys keep their mouth shut:

The daily food intake has been reduced by more than half, and I don’t eat at all at night. At noon and morning, I also reduced a little on the original basis.< span>abandonedits favoritemeat, every day Just eat some miscellaneous grains and fruits, sometimes eat a little egg, and eat cucumbers when I’m hungry.

It was really difficult at first, and I almost couldn’t help eating meat, but I still held back, thinking that being too fat has affected my health, so I gritted my teeth and persisted I settled down, and finally, slowly accepted it.

Secondly, exercise program:

I heard that running and strength training can help to lose weight, so I started to keep running, because I wanted to lose weight faster, so I started running a long distance, the time is also relatively long.

More importantly, on the basis of running, he also insisted on doing a lot of strength training , I couldn’t bear it at first, but I persisted, even if my body felt tired, I was still trying to persevere.

Even after getting used to it, I increased the amount of exercise accordingly, thinking that the more I do, the faster I can lose weight.

The reason for the failure of the analysis:

According to the understanding of the guy’s weight loss program, whether it is from the tube to shut up There will always be some problems in the above, or in sports, but keep your mouth shut, the guy is quite ruthless to himself.

If you don’t eat it, you won’t eat it,No meat at allThis way of losing weight is wrong, it will affect nutrient supplement, meat contains protein needed by the human body , and other trace elements, if you don’t eat them all the time, it will easily cause the body to lack relevant nutrients, which may speed up the aging process , there may also be malnutrition problems.

There is also dieting to lose weight, which is not very reliable in itself, not suitable for everyone, it is necessary Differs from person to personYou also need to master the method. If you diet in this way, it will be difficult to achieve the desired effect, and it may cause trouble to the body.

In terms of exercise, I was too demanding on myself, or pursued too fast, thus ignoring my own situation, resulting in overloading the body, and not Injuries to joints and muscles are already considered good.

And this kind of exercise is not easy to consume fat, but it is easyto increase muscle mass, so that muscles become Strong, mainly because exercise exceeds the standard, the human body has no way to consume fat, but only focuses on exercising and strengthening muscle strength.

To sum up, under the wrong weight loss method of the guy, the weight was not lost in the end, and aging was accelerated, let alone Fight the problem of fatty liver.

According to the guy’s weight loss experience, we need to understand 2 points.

First, don’t be too anxious to lose weight

Losing weight needs to be done step by step. It is a matter that requires a long-term battle. If you are too anxious, you will easily fall into a misunderstanding of weight loss. In the end, not only will you fail to lose weight , may also cause some problems to the body.

Whether it is in terms of diet or exercise, it should be plannedreasonably, instead of pursuing speed, and ignoring some details.

Second, don’t ignore the nutritional needs of the human body

It’s okay to keep your mouth shut, but you have to do it right, instead of not eating meat all at once,

span>Meatis sureI want to eat, as long as there is Selective eating will neither increase fat intake, but also help supplement nutrition.

In addition to eating meat, you must also pay attention to staple foods , you can’t just eat fine staple food, and you can’t just eat coarse grains, you need to combine the two, so eating will be more beneficial to your health.

Losing weight is not a simple matter, and it still needs to be planned reasonably. I hope that all people who are losing weight should make a good plan before putting weight loss into action.