From December 1st, real-name prescription drugs must be purchased online

Online sales of prescription drugs implement a real-name system. Prescription drugs and non-prescription drugs should be displayed separately. Prescription drug sales home pages must not display packaging, labels and other information… Since then, the new regulations have further regulated the online sales of drugs, especially prescription drugs. There will be laws to follow and rules to follow in online drug sales, truly ushering in the era of strong supervision.

Drugs under special management shall not be sold online

According to the “Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Drug Online Sales”, those engaged in drug online sales should be drug marketing license holders with the ability to ensure the safety of online sales of drugs There are people or pharmaceutical companies. Manufacturers of decoction pieces of traditional Chinese medicine sell the decoction pieces of traditional Chinese medicine they produce, and shall fulfill the relevant obligations of drug marketing authorization holders.

Vaccines, blood products, narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, toxic drugs for medical use, radioactive drugs, pharmaceutical precursor chemicals and other drugs subject to special management in the country shall not be sold on the Internet. Organized by the Drug Administration. Drug online retail enterprises are not allowed to give prescription drugs and Class A non-prescription drugs to individuals in the form of free drugs when buying drugs, free drugs when buying commodities, etc. in violation of regulations.

According to the previous “Drug Online Sales Prohibition List (Draft for Comment)”, vaccines, blood products, narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, toxic drugs for medical use, radioactive drugs, pharmaceutical precursor chemicals, medical Institutional preparations and traditional Chinese medicine formula granules are drugs that are explicitly prohibited from being sold online by policies and regulations. Other drugs that are prohibited from being retailed through the Internet include injections (except hypoglycemic drugs), compound preparations containing ephedrine (excluding Chinese patent medicines containing ephedra), and varieties with high drug risks are prohibited from being sold through the Internet.

Buy medicine first, prescribe in seconds? no!

With the online sales of prescription drugs and the continuous liberalization of medical insurance payment, the number of patients who buy prescription drugs online is gradually increasing. However, some drug sales platforms have the situation that patients self-diagnose, purchase drugs first, and prescribe prescriptions in seconds after compliance.

The method is clear. Those who sell prescription drugs to individuals through the Internet should ensure that the source of the prescription is true and reliable, and implement the real-name system. Drug online retail enterprises engaged in the sales of prescription drugs should highlight risk warning information such as “prescription drugs must be purchased and used under the guidance of a pharmacist with a prescription” under each drug display page. Before prescription drugs are sold, consumers should be fully informed of relevant risk warning information, and consumers should confirm their knowledge. Drug online retail enterprises should display prescription drugs and non-prescription drugs separately, and prominently mark prescription drugs and non-prescription drugs on relevant web pages. Drug online retail enterprises are not allowed to directly publicly display prescription drug packaging, labels and other information on the main page and home page of prescription drug sales. Before passing the prescription review, information such as instruction sheets shall not be displayed, and services related to the purchase of prescription drugs shall not be provided.

In terms of electronic prescription management, the method stipulates that drug online retail enterprises should sign an agreement with electronic prescription providers to mark the electronic prescriptions that have been used to avoid repeated use of prescriptions. Where a third-party platform accepts electronic prescriptions, it shall verify the information of the electronic prescription provider and sign an agreement. If the prescriptions received by drug online retail enterprises are photocopied versions of paper prescriptions, effective measures shall be taken to avoid the repeated use of prescriptions.

Online drug purchases also need to retain consumption credentials

Online drug purchases bring convenience, but as special commodities, drugs are related to life, health and personal safety. Be cautious when buying medicines online.

When consumers buy medicines online, they should check whether the online drugstore has publicized the “Internet Drug Information Service Qualification Certificate” and “Drug Business License”, and check whether the relevant qualifications are within the validity period.

When purchasing medicines, consumers should purchase rationally according to their own conditions or doctor’s orders; when purchasing prescription drugs, they must be approved by a licensed pharmacist with a doctor’s prescription before purchasing. After the drug arrives, check whether the outer packaging of the drug is damaged; check whether the actual drug is consistent with the packaging, instructions, and details of the drug displayed at the time of purchase; check whether the label or instruction contains the generic name, main function, usage, and dosage of the drug. Precautions etc. At the same time, note that some medicines have special requirements on storage temperature. In severe cold and hot weather, it depends on whether the delivery conditions of the medicine can guarantee the appropriate temperature. Consumers should immediately stop taking the drug for observation once they experience any abnormal reaction after using the drug, and seek medical attention immediately if any serious abnormal reaction occurs.

It is not allowed to buy medicines under special management in the country online. Products that claim to be foreign anticancer drugs, secret medicines for treating difficult and miscellaneous diseases, cheap imported medicines, and miraculous health products have relatively high safety risks, and it is difficult to guarantee the quality and safety of medicines; do not listen to false advertisements and exaggerated publicity of health food by unscrupulous merchants, Do not use health food to treat diseases.

When purchasing medicines online, it is necessary to retain consumption evidence sufficient to prove the contractual relationship, such as chat records, transaction vouchers, and receipt status. Once there is a problem with the drug, you can take photos, videos, etc. for evidence preservation, and file a complaint with the drug supervision and management department.

(Yangtze Evening News)