Hunchback or cause visceral displacement! Do internet celebrity hunchback correction products work? the doctor said so

For some time, a product called “cross stick” has become popular on major online sales platforms, claiming that as long as you stand with it on your back for ten minutes a day, you can improve your bad posture, especially for Humpback has a good corrective effect. At the moment of the summer vacation, many parents worry that their children will bend over to do homework every day, and they will hunched over for a long time, so they place orders one after another, and the sales of “cross sticks” have greatly increased.

Can two small sticks really solve the hunchback problem? What serious harm does hunchback have on the body?

Can influencer correction products really solve the hunchback problem?

Humpback is a relatively common spinal deformity. Due to the kyphosis of the thoracic spine, a person’s back looks like a bulge, and the neck leans forward, which looks unsightly. Humpbacks have always been common among the elderly, but due to prolonged use of electronic products such as mobile phones with their heads bowed and their chests closed, as well as unhealthy living habits such as sedentary habits, hunchedbacks among young people are now on the rise. So, can these Internet celebrity products such as “Cross Stick” really correct the hunchback?

Weng Xisheng, Chief Physician, Department of Surgery, Peking Union Medical College Hospital: Generally speaking, various internet celebrity correction braces It is of little use and has no scientific basis. If the child has scoliosis or kyphosis, we need to ask a professional to do orthopedic braces. As for tying a “cross stick”, First, it has no scientific basis; second, it is impossible to tie a “cross stick” every day for a long time.

What are the more serious dangers besides the bad looking hunchback? Actually, hunchbacks are not a natural phenomenon, and experts say osteoporosis is one of the leading causes of hunchbacks. When people get old, they all have different degrees of osteoporosis, but the load on the body does not decrease at this time, and it is easy to bend over. Therefore, the prevention of hunchback should begin in young adulthood. Experts say that the hunchback can easily lead to rapid heartbeat and palpitation, because the hunchback will reduce the height of the center of the thorax by 3 to 5 cm, and the sternum will sink, so that the heart cannot be fully expanded under the extrusion of the sternum, and the blood output will decrease. In order to get enough oxygen, the heart beats faster, and panic ensues. At the same time, Severe hunchback may also cause displacement of internal organs, affect blood circulation, reduce the curvature of the cervical spine, and in severe cases, compress the carotid artery, cause insufficient blood supply to the brain, and cause symptoms such as dizziness and arm numbness.