Huangyan, Zhejiang: Song Yunyu headed to the elegant fair

This article is from: China Daily

Photo by Cai Zhimin

“Report! Yamano Masashi is so fun! This is the first time I have participated in a market with so many tricks in Taizhou! I felt the lantern dinner in advance, and it was crowded and lively.” This is a market in Yutou Township, Huangyan District, shared by a tourist on a social platform.

The head of the island, the ancient name is Rouji, also known as Rouchuan. From Huangyan City, Taizhou, Zhejiang, go all the way westward, cross the Changtan Lake and turn northward. After a short walk, you will reach the most prosperous market this summer in “Song Yunyu Tou” – Shanye Yaji.

Photo by Cai Zhimin

“Welcome to Song Yun Yutou, here is a Yutou steamed bun, it’s beautiful and delicious… “In the style market, a dazzling array of local delicacies and Yutou specialties make people feel more intimate. On the 300-meter-long old beach street, there are many programs such as Shanye Gathering, Lotus Night Banquet, Mobile Folk Museum, Romantic Firefly, Song Yun Night, etc., attracting many tourists to stop and watch and applaud.

Yutou Beach Village is a famous local “Internet celebrity village” and the seat of the Yutou Township government. Having experienced the changes of dynasties and years, this village, which has condensed thousands of years, is now more like a forgotten paradise, presenting a charming picture of “small bridges, flowing water, and people”.

Photo by Cai Zhimin

There is no beach in the beach village, but there are Rouji Creek, stone road, ancient camphor tree, old stage… in the village The crowd is crowded and the ancient rhyme is leisurely. Strolling along the old beach street, there are elegant gatherings in the mountains, inns, restaurants, ancient temples, and academies. The old brands and shops facing the street are covered with red lanterns, echoing the plaques and flags. It seems to bring people back to the old times of Song Dynasty, back to the ancient years.