Huangpu Diary|The original “Ancient Books Publishing House” was renewed and upgraded to create a new office space

What does an ideal community look like in a city?

It may not be tall buildings and wide roads, but it must be convenient and full of human touch.

The former “Shanghai Ancient Books Publishing House” at No. 272, Ruijin 2nd Road, Huangpu District, passes by here Rejuvenated and upgraded, it has now become a brand-new creative park. Thanks to the advantages of the block’s diverse functions, many companies have flocked to it, and it has become an office hub linking businesses and streets.

The name of this creative park located in Dapuqiao Street: Fun Office Ruitai Xuan, the construction of the entire space continues the sense of space of the original “Ancient Books Publishing House”, and combines the original cultural characteristics in the new design. The interactive relationship between the new and the old is re-established here. Users rediscover the “sense of participation” in art culture and the brand, new interactive relationships are expected to be established here, and old buildings are rejuvenated here to tell new stories.

< strong>The window is the picture frame, linking the business and the street

The park retains the unique “old steel window” structure of Shanghai Ocean House on the original basis. .

At the entrance of the park, use the pavement to define the space boundary, form a commercial area, create an exclusive consumption place, and use water in the design The special material of corrugated stainless steel makes the space more visually rich and deepens the layering of the space.

Multi-dimensional cultural memory, creating a readable space

Original “Ancient Books Publishing House” design The historical relics of the publishing house are preserved, and the wooden veneer and special brushing technology are used in the exterior design to give the entire building facade a rich visual layer and texture, which also echoes the original “Ancient Book Publishing House”.

The loft space on the first floor has the characteristics of fluidity, openness, transparency, and artistry. It is the first choice for many independent offices, entrepreneurial teams, and art practitioners. The loft space integrates “display + office”.

Red bricks filled with magnolia fragrance to create a new market space

Using the architectural element of “red brick” to enhance the harmony and coherence of the building complex The building facade itself serves as a medium to express the visual landscape and light and shadow.

The original single-family garden was originally the former residence of Jewish wine merchant H.L. Mencken. The choice of shopping malls, second-hand stores, and private studios.

Half hidden and half exposed, light and shadow changing rapidly

The red brick bungalow in the green shade, the combination of the bungalow space and the terrace is the combination of the old building and the new space Collision, redefine the space, attract young people who are interested in collecting objects, and develop the space carrier into a gathering place for urban public events.

Combining the lifestyle of most young people in Shanghai today, it presents the most relaxed state of life in the main scenes such as office, socializing, and consumption.

Coexistence of old and new, half market, half art!

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