Spanning three centuries, this “Sanma Road” carries many urban memories of old Shanghai

Hankou Road, commonly known as “Sanma Road”, was originally one of the four dirt roads leading to the Huangpu River. At first, the road was built from the Bund to Henan Middle Road. Because it is close to Jianghai Beiguan, it was originally named “Customs Road”. After 1855, it was extended westward to the present Hubei Road. After the Shanghai No. 2 Racecourse was demolished, the road was built westward to Tibet Middle Road, which is the starting and ending point of Hankou Road. After 1865, Hankou was used as the road name.

Overview of Hankou Road

☑The former “Newspaper Street” and “Financial Street” “

☑Classic old songs are sung here

List of main buildings< /span>

50 Hankou Road

(Excellent Historic Buildings in Shanghai)

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< span>The building is in a classical style, with a rigorous facade composition, clear divisions in three vertical sections, and neat, solemn and majestic shapes. The decoration is concentrated on the entrance and corners, with Baroque features. The majestic Chinese red facade is classical and elegant, combining rigidity and softness.

Zhejiang First Commercial Bank

(No. 151 Hankou Road, Excellent Historic Building in Shanghai)

The building was originally built with eight floors (with two mezzanines inside), with a reinforced concrete frame structure. The west facade of the building uses horizontal sunshades and horizontal glass windows, breaking the constraints of classical facades, and the overhanging sunshades also serve as a shield The effect of sun drying.

Old Site of Declaration Hall

(No. 309 Hankou Road, Excellent Historic Building in Shanghai)

The Shenbao Building was built in 1918. It is a modern European-style building with a neoclassical decorative style. It is a five-story reinforced concrete structure. The lower part of the cornice and the pilasters of the outer wall have patterns.

Former Site of Shanghai Securities Building

(No. 422 Hankou Road, Cultural Relics Protection Site, Huangpu District)

< span>Hankou Road is also famous for its finance, and the former site of the Securities Building is a good example. Today, the building still retains the original tall iron gates. Passing by here, citizens and tourists can still feel the historical charm of that year.

Yangtze Hotel

(No. 740 Hankou Road, Excellent Historic Building in Shanghai)< /span>

The Yangtze Hotel, located on Hankou Road, was built in 1932 and is a typical Art Deco building. The classic song “Rose, Rose, I Love You” was first sung at the Yangtze Hotel.