Huangpu Arts|Strive to promote local originals, the 8th Shanghai International Comedy Festival has a lot of good shows

The 8th Shanghai International Comedy Festival is in full swing. There are 38 repertoires, more than 438 performances and more than 50 interactive activities, which bring warmth and happiness to life.

Strive to promote local original

As the opening show of the 8th Shanghai International Comedy Festival this year, it will be held from November 16th to November 27th The Japanese road comedy “Coconut Brothers” was staged at the Lyceum Theater.

The collision between the film director Ning Hao and the box office honey He Nian made the highway The journey gallops on another stage. Behind the lively stories is the deconstruction of the lives of young people in today’s society.

The story tells the story of Gu Junan, the younger brother of “wastewood” and Gu Qingzhou, the father of “slime”. The ordinary life in the Northeast was broken by a bad news. The always shrewd elder brother Gu Junping was involved in a financial fraud case and lost the only old house in the family. In order to keep the family, the father and son embarked on the road to Hainan to beg for a house. The family was stumbling and noisy. After going through hardships, the father and son finally put aside their grievances and worked together to recover the defrauded money. A secret that had been concealed for more than twenty years was accidentally revealed…

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Reality-themed urban comedy “Baoxingli” is a talk show that gathers the old, middle and young generations of the Shanghai comic circle , drama and other forms of comedy, jointly telling a story of Shanghai’s old renovation and relocation with tears in its laughter.

November 24-December 11, the musical “Murder for Two” It will be staged at the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center. “The Murder of Two People” combines American humor with a down-to-earth Chinese adaptation. The two male actors play more than ten roles of men, women and children. The whole process of acting, singing, dancing and piano playing is “online”, presenting to the audience A hilarious and bizarre case-solving rhapsody.

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November 25-November 26, Comedy “Spring Flowers Will Bloom” will be staged at the Shanghai Grand Theater.

The play tells about By chance, eight ordinary people collectively staged a non-professional drama in the “Yangyangli” alley in Shanghai. The emotions on the stage merged with the reality off the stage. In the constant collision between ideals and reality, the eight people gradually found the right in reality. The direction of life. The stage play “Spring Blossoms” presents the emotional entanglements between dreams and reality, others and self of contemporary young people, calling on people to break through themselves and boldly pursue love and dreams.

Talk shows, parent-child dramas, can’t stop being happy

From the beginning of November to the end of December, Xiaoguo Culture will bring more than 100 wonderful talk shows to the audience in Lyceum Theater, Huangpu Theater and Xiaoguo Factory Show platter.

There are laughing fruits every day, and the happiness is uninterrupted. Xiaoguo Culture gathers a number of popular actors, and each performance will bring 90 minutes of solid happiness to the audience, lighting up this autumn and winter with the humor and enthusiasm of the talk show.

In addition, “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, “The Nutcracker” and ” Wonderful Night at Dunhuang” “Penguin! penguin! “And other dramas will serve the family feast at the end of the year for the parent-child family.

It is reported that many new comedy auditions, short drama performances, public welfare lectures and workshops will be held this year in places such as Readers Bookstore and Xintiandi Plaza in the Performing Arts World , Comedy fans should not miss it!