Huang Hanru, a nationally famous Chinese medicine doctor: the pioneer and founder of Zhuang medicine theory

Zhuang Yao medicine has been an indispensable part of traditional Chinese medicine since ancient times, and has made outstanding historical contributions to the formation and development of traditional Chinese medicine.

As the successor, excavator, and arranger of Zhuang medicine, Professor Huang Hanru’s research on Zhuang medicine has been deeply rooted in the land of ethnic medicine. He has been engaged in Zhuang medicine for more than 50 years. He has won honors such as a master of Guipai TCM, the first person to study the theoretical system of Zhuang medicine, an expert who enjoys special allowances from the State Council, and the fifth batch of academic successor tutors for famous old Chinese medicine experts in the country. Served as vice president of China Association of Ethnic Medicine and China Association of Ethnic Medicine, director of China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, president of Guangxi Association of Ethnic Medicine, vice chairman of Guangxi Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, first president of “National Medicine News”, etc. He also authored 9 books including “History of Zhuang Medicine”, “Chinese Zhuang Medicine”, “Zhuang Medicine Under Excavation”, and published more than 50 papers.

Professor Huang Hanru is the leader of Chinese Zhuang Medicine He has made outstanding contributions to the excavation and research of historical origins and basic theories, and has always been persistent in the protection, inheritance and development of Zhuang medicine, determined to “make Zhuang medicine based on the forest of national medicine”.

At the Second National Famous Chinese Medicine Commendation Conference held this year, Professor Huang Hanru was awarded the honorary title of “National Famous Chinese Medicine”, which is It is the second time since the founding of New China that the national famous Chinese medicine practitioners have been selected nationwide.

(Professor Huang Hanru (middle) and Tianyuan Green Group Chairman Li Yuqiang (second from right) and other experts)

< p data-track="7">Guangxi Tianyuanlv Technology Group (referred to as “Tianyuanlv Group”) has been working hard to build a national brand of Zhuangyao medicine. As early as 2019, Professor Huang Hanru forged a deep friendship with Tianyuan Green Group. After continuous in-depth exchanges and discussions, Professor Huang Hanru officially joined Tianyuan Green Group this year and became the group’s scientific research consultant.

Tianyuan Green Group is a national high-tech enterprise, a technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise in Guangxi, and an intellectual property advantage enterprise cultivation unit in the autonomous region, always keeping up with the development of the country Strategy, adhere to the mission of “protecting, discovering, developing, and inheriting traditional Chinese medicine and Zhuangyao medicine”, dig deep into the medicinal value and health-preserving value of Musaceae plants, bravely shoulder the heavy responsibility, and let Chinese medicine Zhuangyao medicine The modern attitude goes to the world, and promotes the inheritance, innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine Zhuang Yao medicine.

Author|Gan Qiujuan of Tianyuan Green Technology

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