How to regulate the “diffusion” susceptible constitution?

Susceptible constitution refers to a constitution that lacks immunity to certain diseases and specific immunity to infectious disease pathogens, and is susceptible to infection. Recurrent infections of the respiratory tract, urinary tract, and gastrointestinal tract are common in clinical practice, lack of disease resistance, and modern medicine has no specific treatment for susceptible constitutions. The main focus is on prevention, to avoid exposure of the population to pathogenic factors, but it is often impossible to prevent, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the lives of patients.

Grandma Li, 77 years old this year

Always prone to exogenous infections< /p>

Dizziness and fatigue every time I get cold

Sweat profusely, cough and runny nose , Chill

Grandma Li went to see a doctor in All major hospitals provide symptomatic treatment such as anti-infection and rehydration. Although the symptoms can be temporarily improved, the problem of the susceptible constitution cannot be solved. Often, the disease is treated once at a time, and the disease cannot be prevented before it occurs. Time.

After being introduced by someone, I came to the Classics Department of Zunyi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Syndrome differentiation, medication based on pathogenesis, combined with acupuncture, acupoint sticking and other external treatments, Grandma Li’s sweating decreased greatly after 1 week, and even the original insomnia also improved significantly, reaching the state of self-coordination of yin and yang, followed up for 3 months. send.

Classic traditional Chinese medicine is improving disease resistance

It has unique advantages in improving physical fitness

Mainly start from strengthening the body

Warming and tonifying the spleen and kidney, or invigorating the spleen and nourishing the lungs, or nourishing the heart and liver

Follow the four seasons Changes in the solar terms and the ups and downs of the human body’s qi movement

Achieving physical fitness and improving physical fitness