When chasing a girl, how to chat with her, three tips, easy to chat about feelings

When chatting with girls, certain methods and skills are required. When pursuing girls, if the skills are not used properly, you can choose to change these skills and methods. It’s suitable for you, but if boys really can’t seize the opportunity to chat with girls, there won’t be so many girls waiting for you to flirt, so if boys find it difficult to continue chatting with girls they like, don’t worry, Try these three tips, it will bring you different surprises.

One, the most important thing is to make her happy

When many brothers chat with girls, they often It is in a state of awkward chatting, lacking in humor, so how can there be girls who are willing to chat with you all the time? The editor used to be like this too, chatting with the girl and disappearing. Later, I read a secret book that teaches people how to flirt with girls ~ “Higano Wenze Must Love”, in this book, I learned a lot of practical things to flirt with girls. Although I have left the order now, there are still girls who chase after me Three or five, in fact, they used the mind-boggling chat plan in the book, which made them fall in love with me very easily, and now they occasionally go out with other girls. Single brothers should read it, Higashino Wenze will love it, and there are e-books on the Internet. Only by improving yourself can it be easier to win the goddess in your heart.

When chatting with girls, many boys are always thinking about how to chat with her, the first sentence should be What to say, boys always think about how to catch up with girls within a day, do you think there will be such a good thing in the sky? Don’t be greedy. When chatting with the girl you like, don’t always think about messy things. At this stage, making her happy is the most important thing. Talk about topics that girls are more interested in, so that she can be happy Laugh, only when you make the girl happy, the two of them won’t have awkward chats or cold silence.

Second, control time, advance and retreat in a certain way

Smart boys will analyze girls when they talk to girls The child’s psychology, in the process of talking, he can personally understand the girl’s feelings, and control the chatting time according to the girl’s performance. If the girl likes you, the boy needs to control the chatting time, after all, distance is possible Produces beauty and leaves a little mystery to girls.

If girls don’t like you, boys should control the time of chatting. Excessive chatting will only scare girls away. Boys must not be too anxious. Many times failure often comes from I am eager for success, no matter whether the girl likes me or not at this stage, I have to leave a good enough impression on myself, so that the chat between the two will not become more and more difficult.

3. Familiar with girls and explore topics

In fact, chatting with girls is to exchange information between each other , more specifically, it is the high-value information between the two sexes, so as to open up the chat topic between the two. Only when you are very familiar with girls, can you dig out topics that are more conducive to developing the relationship between the two. In fact, it is also a link between two people.

You must know that chatting is a process of you coming and going, rather than talking about cross talk by yourself, but why do boys find it difficult to talk to girls? It’s because you don’t know her at all in your heart, and you only ask her some innocuous questions, so it’s strange that she would chat with you. How to chat with girls, three tips, easy to talk about feelings!

Summary: The meaning of chatting with girls is Make her happy, leave a good impression on her, and make it easier for her to pursue later. If a girl talks to you, and the boy finds it more difficult for the two to talk, it means that it is basically useless to chase her, but if you use it reasonably With these three skills, getting out of the singles is just around the corner.