How to lose elephant legs? 6 leg exercises, let you lose a pair of long legs

Girls are all pursuing a good figure, such as thin waist and long legs, which can make them look better in clothes and more confident. However, in real life, it is very common for girls to have thick legs, but it is not common to have beautiful long legs.

How can I lose elephant legs and have firm, slender legs?

If your body fat percentage exceeds the standard and your legs get fat, then you must pay attention to reducing fat first. Fat loss should start from two aspects of aerobic exercise and diet management, such as: 1 hour of aerobics, jogging or playing ball training every day to increase calorie consumption;

Replace all kinds of high-calorie foods such as braised and fried foods with low-calorie and lightly processed foods, so as to reduce calorie intake, so as to increase the calorie gap and promote the decline of body fat rate. As your body fat percentage decreases, your legs will gradually become thinner.

If you have bloated legs due to sitting for a long time, then, it is recommended that you do more strength training to shape your body. Leg training can improve the blood circulation of the lower limbs, activate the leg muscles, muscle growth can inhibit the accumulation of fat, and the legs will gradually become firmer.

While exercising legs, it can also drive the development of the gluteal muscles, and your hip shape will become Fuller, the legs will appear longer visually. Finally, share a set of leg exercises suitable for home training, train every other day, and persist for 2 months to make your legs look slender and look good.

Action 1: Wide Squat

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Action 2: Hip bridge

Movement three: lunge and knee lift

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Action Four: Squat Jump< /span>

Movement Five: Squat on both sides

Action 6: Kneeling side lift + leg swing

Repeat each movement for 3-4 groups. After training, you will feel that your legs are full of blood, which is also fat burning. A sign of muscle growth.