Break through the bottleneck period of weight loss, just these 4 steps

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Many people find that: at the beginning of weight loss, the speed of losing the scale is relatively fast, but after about 2-3 months, you will find that the body fat rate drops faster It has slowed down, and the body development has fallen into a bottleneck period.

Whether you choose to go on a diet or exercise longer, your body doesn’t change much. At this time, many people will feel discouraged, so they give up losing weight, and their body will rebound accordingly.

In fact, the bottleneck period of weight loss is a stage that everyone will encounter , this time means that the body has produced a new state of balance, far away from the original weight, and you have achieved a phased victory.

So, we can’t give up. What you have to do is to optimize and adjust the weight loss method, and break through the bottleneck period in one go, instead of giving up on yourself and leading to weight loss failure.

Learning these methods can help you break through the bottleneck period faster, Get the last victory.

1. Follow a high and low carbohydrate diet. Arranging a high-carbon water day a day can promote insulin secretion and promote the conversion of blood sugar into intramuscular glycogen, which can maintain muscle. Arranging a low-carb water day can lower blood sugar and prompt the body to break down protein and fat in the body.

You can arrange it like this: The carbohydrate staple food intake is 150g on the first day, 200g on the second day, and 250g on the third day. The daily carbohydrate intake is 200g, but the conversion of high and low carbohydrates can improve metabolic power and accelerate fat decomposition.

2. Replace aerobic exercise instead of single training. We need to keep aerobic exercise varied, so as to avoid the body gradually adapting to the exercise mode.

We can choose jumping jacks, rope skipping, aerobics, badminton, swimming, running and other methods for cross training, 2-3 days or a week to change a different Exercise, which can break the comfort zone and allow the body to mobilize more fat to participate in consumption.

3. Arrange strength training 2-3 times a week. Don’t ignore strength training during fitness. Strength training can effectively prevent muscle loss, improve your basal metabolic value, and allow you to break through the bottleneck period faster, and your body proportions will look better after you lose weight.

If you exercise at home, you can buy a pair of dumbbells or elastic bands for training, from squats, lunges, planks, goat push-ups, bench press, rowing, hard Just start with these compound movements, arrange 4 groups for each movement, 10-15 in each group, and exercise once every 2-3 days, about 40 minutes each time.

4. Maintain enough patience. Everyone’s physique is different, and the time to break through the bottleneck period is also different. Some people A breakthrough can be achieved in a week or two, and some people can only break through in two or three months. In any case, we must maintain enough patience and persevere in order to win the final victory.