How to improve a sore throat Share to you 5 tips for reducing swelling and pain

A sore throat is a symptom many people experience, and its presence can interfere with eating and can lead to more serious conditions. Once there is a sore throat, how can it be improved? There are many causes of sore throats in people, which may be dietary problems and environmental factors. What should a friend with a sore throat eat?

How to improve a sore throat

1, keep the throat moist p>

There are many laryngitis diseases. After experiencing the symptoms of dryness, it is very easy to attack. I always feel that my throat is swollen, sore, and itchy, and there is a foreign body sensation. You can drink a glass of honey water every night before going to bed, it can moisten the throat and remove dryness, and it can also strengthen the body and relieve sore throat.

People with a sore throat can fumigate the throat with salt water with good results. You should prepare a large basin, put some boiled salt water in it, and then you can start to breathe in and out of the steam, and you should stick to it for about 10-15 minutes each time, and you should stick to it 2-3 times a day.

2. Quit smoking and drinking, fasting spicy food

Tobacco and alcohol are harmful to our body, but also not good for the throat. Always smoking and drinking will damage the mucous membrane of the throat, and then appear dry symptoms. Therefore, people with sore throat should drink less alcohol and smoke less, and also reduce the intake of irritating food, otherwise it will lead to aggravation of sore throat.

3, keep talking less and talk slowly

More than 90% of teachers will have chronic pharyngitis, which is caused by talking more, so chronic pharyngitis Patients should speak less. When speaking, you should pay attention to slowness and lightness to avoid damage to the pharynx caused by speaking.

4. Pay attention to oral hygiene

Rinse with salt water in the morning and evening, and drink a glass of salt water after gargling to prevent bacterial infection. Pay attention to personal hygiene and wash hands frequently.

5, pay attention to your diet

Always drink cool throat drinks and eat fruits such as sugar cane, Chine juice, pears, water chestnuts, pomegranates, etc.

You can also eat more fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C, as well as things rich in collagen and elastin. Such as trotters, fish, milk, beans, animal liver, lean meat, etc.

Causes of sore throat

1. Acute pharyngitis

Acute pharyngitis is mostly caused by allergens Caused by irritation, it mainly manifests as sore throat and dry throat. The pain is especially intense when the patient swallows food. Even some severe patients will also involve the ear, showing symptoms of ear radiating pain.

2. Acute epiglottitis

The sore throat should also be considered to be caused by acute epiglottitis, because the main symptom after the onset of the disease is sore throat . It may also be accompanied by difficulty breathing, fever, and lack of energy.