There are 4 million new cancer patients a year, and the anti-cancer ability is enhanced. How to eat right?

Some people say that the current cancer treatment is to beat the dog with a stick, hoping to kill all the lice on the dog, and the cancer cells are “lice”. This method of killing one thousand enemies and self-defeating eight hundred has caused mankind to suffer a lot, but it has not eliminated cancer. According to the latest data from the National Cancer Center, there were about 4.064 million new cancer cases in China in 2016, and about 2.4135 million cancer deaths. There is a growing realization that cancer cannot be conquered without changing the environment in which the tumor grows. Just like not changing the dog’s environment, if the “lice” are killed, the “lice” will grow again.

1. The microenvironment is getting worse, and cancer may be slowly approaching

1889, Stephen Paget Analysis of 735 breast cancer cases confirmed that cancer metastasis is not a random event, but because some specific organs can provide an environment suitable for the survival of specific metastases, which is the famous “seed and soil” hypothesis of cancer metastasis.

Human research on the tumor microenvironment is also more and more in-depth, which consists of tumor cells, cancer-related fibroblasts and immune cells and some cytokines/ An environment composed of chemokines and acellular components of the extracellular matrix. Under normal circumstances, the microenvironment should be a place where tumor growth is suppressed and normal cells survive. But as the “team” of tumor cells in the body continues to grow, the microenvironment will also be transformed into a place suitable for tumor cells to survive.

In general, the microenvironment is very important for cancer cells. Whether cancer cells will metastasize and proliferate mainly depends on the microenvironment. Whether the environment is suitable for its survival. In a microenvironment suitable for cancer cells to survive, cancer cells can escape the “pursuit” of the immune system, and can also obtain a large amount of nutrients in it and continue to proliferate.

It is imperative to prevent the occurrence of cancer and improve the microenvironment. Some common nutrients have the potential to help fight cancer cells.

Second, to prevent cancer, these nutrients should not be missing 1. Magnesium

University of Basel, Switzerland The research team has worked in A study published in the American Journal of Cell shows that T cells in a magnesium-rich environment can help the immune system fight cancer. In addition, cancer patients with a lack of magnesium in the body have relatively poor immunotherapy effects.

In other words, adequate magnesium intake may be the “best assistant” of the immune system and play a role in promoting cancer prevention. Foods rich in magnesium include green leafy vegetables, nuts, meat, milk, etc., which can be eaten in moderation daily. 2. Potassium

A study conducted by Nanjing Medical University published in Lung Cancer Translational Research found that higher sodium intake Higher potassium intake was associated with a lower risk of lung cancer in women. If you want to supplement potassium, you can eat more beans, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, seaweed, and potatoes.

3. Selenium

Domestic researchers published a study in the journal Cancer In a prospective study, the researchers conducted a 6-year follow-up of the high incidence of liver cancer in Qidong, Jiangsu Province, and found that the blood selenium content of residents who consumed selenium salt increased significantly, and the incidence of liver cancer decreased year by year.

Selenium has anticancer activity in the intermediate metabolite methylenol, which can help inhibit the risk of breast cancer, liver cancer, and colon cancer. A series of health problems arose.

Natural foods that contain more selenium include animal offal, seafood, fish eggs, milk, and fruits and vegetables. It is worth noting that it is not recommended to blindly consume foods rich in selenium in large quantities. Excessive intake of selenium can easily have the opposite effect, such as poisoning, which is not good for health. 4. Dietary Fiber

World Health Organization in collaboration with University of Otago, New Zealand found that, People with higher dietary fiber intake were associated with a 15% reduction in all-cause mortality and a 13% reduction in cancer mortality compared with those with a lower dietary intake.

Dietary fiber has strong water absorption. After absorbing a lot of water, it can increase the volume and weight of stool, dilute and reduce the concentration of carcinogens in the intestine, and reduce the risk of cancer. Foods rich in dietary fiber include vegetables, fruits, potatoes, and whole grains.

Simply put, it is recommended that you keep a balanced diet in your life, with special attention to supplementing vegetables and fruits. Don’t underestimate fruits and vegetables. The National Cancer Center once pointed out that insufficient intake of fruits and vegetables is the number one risk factor for Chinese women to develop cancer.

I’ve said so much, but I don’t seem to teach you how to eat it. Don’t worry, Xiao Ai will show you how to do it in detail. Just do these five words well. ! Three, how to prevent cancer through diet, summed up 5 words for you

Xiao Ai hereby reminds everyone that no single food can fight cancer and prevent cancer. The dietary pattern that can fight cancer should be to maintain a balanced nutrition, so that the body can fully absorb a variety of nutrients, and introduce the “five-character formula” of diet to prevent cancer.

1. More

“More” includes two points. First, the food should be as diverse as possible, and grains and potatoes should be consumed every day. , vegetables and fruits, eggs and milk, soybeans and nuts foods, it is recommended to keep more than 12 types of foods daily, and pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables. Secondly, under the premise of diversifying the diet, try to eat more fruits and vegetables. These two types of foodIt is rich in nutrients and has great health benefits. It is recommended that the daily intake of vegetables should be kept at 300~500g, and the intake of fruits should be 200~350g.

2. Less

“Less” refers to less salt, less oil and less sugar. The dietary guidelines for Chinese residents recommend the average daily salt intake ≤6g, the amount of cooking oil is 25~30g, and the sugar intake is ≤50g, preferably below 25g.

3. Fresh

The diet should be as fresh and natural as possible, and reduce the intake of bacon and processed meat and other processed foods. These processed foods often contain nitrites, which are very bad for your health when consumed in large amounts.

4. Coarse

Increase the intake of whole grains and whole grains as much as possible, and keep the daily intake In 1~2 taels, it is recommended to replace fine rice noodles with some staple oats, buckwheat and brown rice.

5. Avoid Quitting smoking and limiting alcohol consumption is also an important part of preventing the occurrence of cancer. Smoking is positively correlated with the occurrence of lung cancer, and it also increases the incidence of laryngeal cancer and oral cancer. . There is a strong link between heavy drinking and the occurrence of liver and colon cancer.

There is a relationship between the occurrence of cancer and a variety of factors. Diet is one of the more important factors. To prevent cancer, you need to make changes in diet. Have you learned all the above?


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