How to Condition Large Pores 4 Ways to Make Facial Pores Invisible

For many women, large pores are a problem. Many people will try to improve this symptom. Once the large pores appear, how to adjust? There are many reasons for people to have large pores, such as not paying attention Cleanliness, and lifestyle factors, what foods are good for large pores?

How to treat large pores

Wash face with lemon juice

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Lemon juice has the effect of removing oil and whitening. People with bad skin can use lemon juice to wash their face, especially those with oily skin and acne-prone people. The specific method is to use a few drops of lemon juice in warm water when washing your face, but everyone should pay attention to this method.

Use tea as a mask

Tea as a mask, this method should be rarely used, but good results. After washing your face, dip a cotton ball into the tea water, and then apply it on your face. You can also soak the disposable mask in the tea water and apply it directly on your face. Take it off for five minutes and wash it off with water.

Egg white + pearl powder

Egg white and pearl powder can shrink pores and whiten the skin. Take it out, add an appropriate amount of pearl powder in it, stir it evenly and apply it on the face, usually for about ten minutes, and then wash it off.

After that, apply a suitable skin care product on the face, especially the skin lock lotion, be sure to tap it a few times, which can better shrink the pores. Just do this mask once a week. If you stick to it for a month or two, you will find that your skin has become different.

Wash your face with cold water

Cold water itself has the effect of shrinking pores. When washing your face, wash your face with warm water first to open the pores, and use facial cleanser to close the pores. Clean up the stains, especially for girls who often wear makeup, wash their face for a longer time to avoid makeup residues in the pores.

After washing with warm water, rinse with cold water again to shrink the clean pores, which is good for shrinking pores.

Causes of enlarged pores

I. Excessive accumulation of T oil secretion

With climate change , Especially in summer, the sebum secretion of the T-position begins to be strong. When the excess oil accumulates on the surface of the hair follicle, it will swell the pores and make the pores larger, so pay attention to cleaning the skin, remember to apply toner and moisturizing after washing your face. Milk, etc., timely moisturizing to avoid enlarged pores.

II. Improper skin care techniques and pressing the skin

When taking care of the skin, if the method is not appropriate, the pores will also become larger. Some people are very fond of popping acne and blackheads. If you don’t take care of them in time, your pores will expand and it will be difficult to recover. Taking blackhead removal as an example, if we press the skin vigorously at will, it will easily rupture the surface layer of the skin. Once the dermis is damaged, it will be difficult for the skin to produce new cells, and the pores will also become obvious and large.

Three, aging cells form stratum corneum

The base layer of the skin will continuously produce new cells and transport them to the upper layer. , If the skin is not thoroughly cleaned for a long time, it will affect the metabolism of the skin and the shedding of the aging stratum corneum, and the pores will expand.

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