How should lean diabetics eat to ensure a reasonable weight gain and stable blood sugar?

As long as people with diabetes, if they do not pay attention to diet control, they will lead to blood sugar out of control, and emaciated diabetic patients are no exception, and they also need to properly control their diet.

It’s just that because of the physical condition, the thin type of sugar lover can relax the total calorie control, but this does not mean that the thin type of sugar lover can easily adjust the diet plan. Otherwise, it will easily lead to complications such as diabetic nephropathy and high blood pressure.

There is a prerequisite for emaciated diabetics to relax their diet control, that is, under the premise of stably controlling blood sugar, blood pressure and blood lipids, they can appropriately increase their diet, In particular, increasing protein intake can help sugar lovers return their weight to the standard range.

Diet control Being too strict is a mistake many sugar lovers make.

Diabetic friends are required to control the amount of food they eat. They can neither eat and drink too much, nor limit everything. enter.

There is no food that diabetics should never eat, as long as the food they eat is calculated into the total daily calorie requirement, that is to say, the daily energy intake should not exceed the standard .

Based on this, with a reasonable diet, try to eat as rich as possible, and choose foods rich in carbohydrates and protein, and the weight of emaciated patients will also recover.

People who are thin may have malabsorption of nutrients, that is, poor absorption and utilization of nutrients by the gastrointestinal tract. Diabetics already have obstacles in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Coupled with the diuretic effect of high blood sugar, part of the nutrients in the body will be lost with the urine. Getting thinner.

Eating less and more meals and chewing food fully during the process of eating can ensure that the nutrients of the food eaten each time can be more fully absorbed and improve the rate of nutrient absorption and utilization.

However, it should be noted that the fat intake should not be too high. As mentioned above, the process of increasing high-protein foods will increase the fat intake by the way. If you consume more fat If so, it’s overdose. You can slightly increase the intake of vegetable oils, such as eating oily nuts, 15-20 grams between meals, but do not increase fat intake by eating fatty meat.