How many people are missing their hometown, but some people resolutely leave their hometown

People always praise their hometown, even though the hometown where they were born and raised is poor.

When I was a child together, I was the first college student in the village to be admitted to a university. At that time ( 1981) was a big hit, and his parents were very proud.

My hometown is in the southwest corner of Qingzhou City (called Yidu at the time) near the east bank of the Zi River At the foot of a mountain, the west bank of the river belongs to Zibo City. There are more than 1,000 people in Xiaoshan Village, living on a piece of thin land at the southeast corner of the village. At the end of the 1970s, it was still under the management of the production team. It was not until 1982 that the land was divided and contracted, and people gradually had enough to eat.

I send After graduating from a small university, he was assigned to work in a certain city. Because of his professional road construction, he worked half his life in the city highway bureau. From a small section member, section chief, deputy director, and finally promoted to director. This bureau chief sounds like a big official to our small mountain village folks, so naturally more people come to him for work. At first, he was still doing his best. However, the various chores of the seven aunts and eight aunts in the countryside took care of one family and ignored the other, which caused all kinds of complaints and made him tired of coping. Later, he really felt that this was not an option, so he came to no longer manage the affairs of his hometown. Since then, he began to receive complaints from relatives and friends. In a word: neither does it matter, nor does it matter.

Later, after the death of my young parents, I went back to my hometown less and less frequently. Basically, it is Qingming, July 15th, October 1st, and going home to visit the grave before the Spring Festival. After visiting the grave, I stopped entering the village and drove back directly.

People are It is said that the hometown is a person’s lifelong concern. However, the hometown is sometimes the pain of a person’s life. Some people pursue the fallen leaves to return to their roots all their lives, while some people choose to wander in other places all their lives…

(The article wants to talk about my thoughts on my hometown (please don’t check the numbers): I have endless reluctance and longing for my hometown. But when my parents were not in my hometown, I gradually faded away my longing for my hometown.)