How many Chinese people have been harmed by “moderate drinking”! What softens blood vessels and strengthens the body is all nonsense

No matter how old you are or what stage of life you are in, you must have an impression of this sentence, “Drinking some wine can invigorate the blood and soften the blood vessels. In leisure time, about three or five friends get together, or alone It may be a beautiful thing to drink alone, to enjoy the body and mind and strengthen the body! However, is this really the case?

Can drinking alcohol really soften blood vessels?

Although a large number of studies have confirmed that drinking alcohol is harmful to health, many people still believe that drinking less alcohol, Not drinking too much is not only harmless to health, but it will soften blood vessels and promote cardiovascular health.

Resveratrol in red wine can protect blood vessels, but its content is very low, even if you drink it every day Drinking a bottle, the content of resveratrol in red wine is not so high that daily drinking at home can fight arteriosclerosis.

On the contrary, the alcohol in red wine cannot be ignored , The World Health Organization has clearly stated that and has no effect on softening blood vessels. Moreover, drinking too much alcohol is not only unhealthy but also harmful to teeth! People who often drink red wine will find that their teeth are covered with spots.

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Can fish oil soften blood vessels?

Deep-sea fish oil is a component of unsaturated fat from deep-sea fish. When it comes to the topic of deep-sea fish oil, I believe many people are familiar with it. Recently, there has been a wave of selling fish oil. Some unscrupulous merchants will Its effects are exaggerated, such as antithrombotic, lowering blood pressure and blood lipids, dredging blood vessels, and preventing atherosclerosis.

Fish oil is a health food, not a medicine. No matter how hype is advertised in the market, wanting to eat fish oil to reduce blood pressure and fat, and wanting to reduce blood pressure and fat by improving diet are essentially Again, while effective, it is very limited. Moreover, the quality of fish oil on the market is uneven, so it is not recommended to buy and eat at will.

Blood vessels are one of the most important organs of the human body. If the circulation of blood vessels is not smooth, blood cannot flow smoothly in the blood vessels, ranging from anemia to serious threats to our lives. Early detection of signs of blood vessel blockage, early detection and early treatment are crucial to saving lives.

Once the symptoms summarized below appear, you must see a doctor in time.

When the number of morning erections decreases

Morning erections refer to men getting up in the morning (especially before waking up from sleep). Period of time, the phenomenon of involuntary erection of the penis. The penis can be erected because the cavernous body is filled with blood and the arteries dilate.

The sponge is like a balloon. When a balloon is elastic, it expands when you blow it up. If there is no elasticity, it will not explode. Therefore, the apparent reduction in early look time probably reflects the condition of people’s blood vessels – arteriosclerosis.

My leg hurts when I walk, and my lower extremity artery is blocked

Occupation of blood vessels in the legs can lead to ischemia in the legs. When walking, I often feel sore legs or numbness in the limbs, which can be relieved with a little rest. If the arterial blockage of the lower extremities is neglected and the disease progresses further, it may lead to severe ischemia of the lower extremities, and further development may lead to limb ulceration, wounds that cannot heal, and even amputation, which is very dangerous

If the blood cannot be sent to the legs or waist in time, it will cause frequent back pain, pain in the feet. If this happens, you should go to the hospital for examination and cooperate with treatment

Blurred vision, blindness in both eyes

This kind of transient loss of consciousness (transient dizziness) may be a precursor to severe cerebrovascular disease, and must be paid attention to. The patient will suddenly see things unclear, and his eyes will be dark blindness, or even blindness in one eye and both eyes, and it recovered after about ten minutes. If the memory is normal, but suddenly begins to have frequent memory problems for a period of time, or even cognitive impairment, it is likely to be caused by cerebrovascular disease. If it is caused by blockage, you should go to the hospital for a physical examination in time.

palpitations, dyspnea

When chest tightness occurs, it may be a precursor to blockage of blood vessels in the brain and neck. Often in a calm and non-exercising situation, you will feel oppressed, breathless, and breathless In the case of qi, it is likely that there is a thrombus in the blood vessels of the lungs. Generally speaking, the heart rate of the right upper arm is higher than the blood pressure of the left upper arm. The difference between the blood pressure of the upper and lower arms of ordinary people does not exceed 10mmHg. Once the blood vessels of the heart are blocked, it will cause Decreased pumping ability of the heart, slowing blood circulation , poor heartbeat in resting block.

To increase blood vessel expansion, you need to do more aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise can relax blood vessels. Adhere to aerobic exercise. The fat in the blood can be well oxidized during the process of eating, which is convenient for the body to excrete it out of the body.

The blood vessel is the transportation channel of our body’s blood. Once the blood vessel is blocked, the blood cannot flow smoothly in the blood vessel. Pay attention to observe your physical condition, and take necessary measures after discovering the early condition Measures are very important for good health. Blood vessel blockage is not a disease, but it is the chief culprit of various diseases. If you only have one of the above-mentioned symptoms of blood vessel blockage, you need to pay attention to it. Eat a light diet, exercise more, avoid smoking and drinking, dredge blood vessels, and effectively prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases.