Average life expectancy exceeds 80 years! The Germans’ 4 longevity “secrets”, we may also be able to do it

Now that people’s living standards have improved, more and more people have joined the ranks of health preservation. Many people think that health preservation is for a healthier life and to prolong life.

When Chinese people mention longevity, they may first think of Japan, but in fact there is another country with longevity, which is also catching up at a fast speed, and their average life expectancy has even exceeded 80 age.

So what is the reason for Germany to “emerge” among many long-lived countries? Nature has an inseparable relationship with their lives. Germany is a country that pays great attention to life and eating habits, especially these 4 habits, which are very worthy of our reference. Let’s take a look.

One, can stand instead of sitting

We all know that Germans like to drink beer, but in recent years, the “beer belly” of Germans has been shrinking, which has a certain relationship with the “stand-up trend” they are now admiring. In Germany, you will find that students stand in class and office workers stand in meetings. This can not only reduce the time for talking nonsense, but also improve concentration. Using what they say every day is “don’t sit down when you can stand up”.

Second, love garlic

Germans love to eat garlic, and three meals a day are inseparable from the existence of garlic. According to statistics, Germans eat 8,000 tons of garlic a year. Garlic jam is even added to the slices of bread, and garlic is an indispensable side dish for lunch. Even the small desserts and ice cream after the meal have the taste of garlic.

Third, keen on walking

< p>In addition to standing, Germans also like to walk very much. They also set up a weekly “walking day” for citizens. Every afternoon on this day, they will go out with their families, bring their own pets, and form a group Going for a walk in the park together, about 40 million people take part in it each time. Walking can not only exercise the body, but also help relieve emotions, which is very beneficial to physical and mental health.

Fourth, diet science< /p>

Germans have always maintained a good diet. They attach importance to developing healthy eating habits from an early age. They will strictly control the intake of fat in daily life, basically no more than one In addition, every German has developed the habit of eating fish regularly. Fish is rich in nutrition and low in fat. This eating habit has benefited every German a lot.

In addition to the above eating habits, you can also drink more tea. Tea is rich in tea polyphenols and amino acids. Developing the habit of drinking tea daily can not only benefit your health, but also Can cultivate sentiment, don’t know what kind of tea to drink, you can try these 2 types.

1, Chinese medicine lemon tea

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I believe that everyone is familiar with lemons. It can be said that lemons are the darling of the gourmet world. When cooking, adding some can enhance the freshness and make cocktails When adding some, the taste becomes more refreshing, but the most widely used lemon is to use it to drink water. In this warm winter, boil a pot of hot lemon tea, leisurely and comfortable.

Compared with fresh lemons, freeze-dried lemon slices not only taste more refreshing, but also Easy to store, this lemon slice of Chinese medicine is favored by everyone. Its fruits are plump and the flesh is delicate and juicy.

The color of the soup becomes crystal clear, and after the entrance, it is clear and sweet, moist and sweet.

2. Qingchi Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum tea has always been a traditional tea drink in my country. The nature of chrysanthemum tea is cold, and now it is the season of autumn and winter, the weather is dry and cold, chrysanthemum tea can be said to be a tea drink in season.

Among the many drinking chrysanthemums in my country, the Qingchi chrysanthemum produced in Kaifeng, Henan has always been the first choice for many old tea drinkers.

Different from other tea chrysanthemums, the flowers of Qingchi chrysanthemum are large and fragrant. The color is bright and bright yellow, and the petals are slender and clean. The whole process of planting and picking is carried out in accordance with green planting standards. The dried flowers are soft and dense, and the petals will not fall when brewed in boiling water. The quality is reassuring.

After entering the water, the petals stretch and bloom again in the cup, the color of the tea soup It is clear and free of impurities, with a sip of chrysanthemum fragrance and a slightly bitter aftertaste. Even if it is brewed many times, the taste will not fade.

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