How many calling cards do you have in your name? Has it been used by someone else under a fake name? come here to check

How many cards are in your namemobile calling cards span>?

A calling card with your identity information, span>

Is thereby someone else Impersonation?

What should I do if I find a card that has been impersonated?

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Come here↓

By virtue ofresident ID card< /span>you canquery< /span>

The three basic telecommunications companies under your name, the national mobile of mobile resale companies Number of calling cards

It can be done“one-pass inspection”!

The State Council client applet has launched the

【National Mobile Phone Card “One Card Pass” launched by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Check”]

“One Card Checking”Realized the unified and convenient query of mobile phone cards across the country, which is convenient for users to know the status of the phone cards under their own names, Be proactiveavoid harm to your own interests!

Save the scanned sunflower code Enter the applet

Fill in name, ID number and mobile phone number, and after verification, you can make an appointment to check the number of all mobile phone cards under your name. Within 48 hours, the dedicated SMS port 10699000 will report the result to the reserved mobile phone number!

If you find the number card query result and the number card I actually useQuantityinconsistency, if you want to check the number details or can cancel the account: span>

strong>Users of the three basic telecommunications companies: you can go toCheck the number details in the business hall;

Mobile communication resale enterprise users: You can consult customer service and check the details online or offline.

For those who disagree Telecom companies can cooperate with fast shutdown, and provide the green channel for the company’s off-site sales !

You can also use State Council client Alipay applet,

for query↓

Source: China Government Network

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