How many bottles of Coke does it take to destroy a person’s body? you can’t imagine

Coke, the magic food rich in carbon dioxide and sugar

Reward those who love it every summer

Sweet sugar water with icy bubbles

Blooms at the moment of entry

Every taste bud is teased

A bottle of ice Coke,

How does it soothe every pore?

What can I drink without Coke?

Drink sugar-free soda and sparkling water first

It can also give people a refreshing feeling of foaming

Gradually transition to milk, tea, boiled water, etc.

I can’t stand it and can drink sugar-free cola

It has no sugar and less energy

But there is research to prove it

Sugar-free cola also increases obesity, diabetes risk

It is not recommended to drink for a long time!

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Reviewer: Yun Wuxin| Ph.D., Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Purdue University, USA


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