How long does it take to live, just drink water? Reminder: these 3 abnormalities appear after drinking more water, check as soon as possible

Many people have had the experience of holding back their urine, such as being too lazy to move in bed, having too much time to do things at hand, etc.

It may be okay to occasionally hold back urine once or twice, but regular holding back may be bad for your health. You know that when people hold back urine, the body will what?

1. What happens to the body when people hold back their urine?

The urine produced by metabolism will reach the bladder through the ureter, and then be temporarily stored. Holding back urine may cause the bladder capacity to exceed the standard, and may also cause other physical damage.

Generally, the human bladder can hold 200-300 ml of urine. At this time, there is generally no obvious urge to urinate. When the urine is 300-500 ml, the urethral sphincter will start to operate. , which sends the urge to urinate to the part of the brain that makes the person want to go to the toilet.

If you hold back your urine, the external urethral sphincter will keep contracting. Once the urine reaches 800 ml, the sphincter may lose control and urinate directly, or wait until you want to urinate. I couldn’t urinate at the time.

Second, people who hold back urine for a long time should understand the 4 consequences clearly

Occasionally holding back urine will make your body feel uncomfortable. The consequences of holding back urine for a long time may be more serious than you think. The following are the consequences of holding back urine for a long time.

1. Causes acute urinary retention

holding urine for a long time, the bladder is always overfilled , it is likely to cause damage to the bladder nerve, the muscles that hold urine, and even cause acute urinary retention. If the urine cannot be discharged in time, it may also induce acute renal failure, resulting in irreversible damage to the kidneys.

2. Affect male erectile function

If men often hold back their urine, it may cause Prostatitis can even affect men’s erectile function.

3. Induction of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

For patients with underlying diseases such as coronary heart disease and hypertension, holding back urine frequently may lead to increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, and various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

4. Cause urinary tract infection

long-term holding back urine, bacteria in urine Urinary tract infection may be induced, and once it spreads upward, it may cause kidney damage and lead to pyelonephritis.

It is recommended that elderly men who have difficulty urinating should not hold back urine all the time. Regularly monitor blood pressure and blood sugar. If you have underlying diseases, you must actively treat them. You should also exercise regularly to avoid sedentary life.

Third, there are 3 kinds of abnormality in drinking more water, don’t be careless

< span>If you drink water normally and the urine color is abnormal, you must be vigilant and don’t be careless.

Normal urine should be light yellow and transparent, but when you wake up in the morning or drink too little water, your urine may also appear dark yellow, which is normal of. If the color of urine appears any of the following abnormal colors, be sure to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

1. Soy sauce color, strong brown color

This color of urine is generally more Appears in falciparum malaria, hemolysis, rhabdomyolysis, nocturnal hemoglobinuria, etc.

2.Red urine

This color of blood in urine is usually caused by acute nephritis , tumors, urinary tract stones, tuberculosis, some blood diseases, etc.

3. Yellowish-brown urine

like hepatocellular jaundice, obstructive jaundice etc., is likely to cause yellow-brown foamy urine.

Even if you are busy at work and don’t want to move, remember not to hold your urine too often , Often holding back urine is likely to cause urinary tract infection, induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, affect male erection, cause acute urinary retention, etc. Usually, you should observe the color of urine more.


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