How does body odor happen? It turns out that body odor is “normal”, and no body odor is “mutant”

Xiaoyue became inferior and almost depressed because of body odor.

In high school, a classmate approached Xiaoyue and found that she could smell a strange smell, so the classmates were reluctant to sit at the same table with Xiaoyue, and said she stinks. At this time, Satsuki did not understand what the smell was.

Xiaoyue didn’t know her situation until she went to college. Over the years, because of body odor, Xiaoyue has become a loner. No matter how hot it is in summer, she doesn’t dare to wear short sleeves. Roommates complain about the smell of the dormitory every day. Xiaoyue feels that this is what she said to herself. The more sensitive and inferior…

Xiaoyue always thinks: Why am I the only one with body odor? Even if there is no body fragrance, at least there should be no body odor. What should I do with body odor?

1. Why do some people have body odor and some people don’t?

Accurately speaking, body odor is not a disease but a genetic phenomenon. If only one parent has body odor, there is about a half chance that the child will also have body odor, but both parents have body odor. body odor, then the child has a 75% to 80% probability of having body odor too.

We all know that the body odor is the most intense under the armpits of the human body, which is related to the denser distribution of apocrine sweat glands in the armpits.

The two major sweat glands in the human body are eccrine and apocrine. Sweat glands are commonly found in places where human hair follicles are denser, such as underarms and private parts, and secrete a viscous emulsion through the hair follicles.

The viscous emulsion secreted by the apocrine glands has no odor, but the Cys-Gly-3M3SH in the substance can Decomposed by Staphylococcus into another substance 3M3SH, 3M3SH is a volatile thiol with a pungent odor, which is the source of body odor.

summer climatewet In addition, when it is hot, the secretion of sweat in the body also increases, especially the bacteria in the armpits are more active, so the body odor will be more obvious. In addition, adolescencethe body’s metabolism is more vigorous, and it will also promote the secretion of sweat glands, making the body odor more pronounced.

Usually, people have body odor problems between the ages of 14 and 45, but as they age, the odor will gradually diminish or subside.

Actually, you know what? People with body odor are “normal people”. Scientists have found that ABCC11 gene is related to body odor, when it mutates, After the genotype was changed from GA to AA, the original function of the gene was lost, the apocrine glands became smaller and atrophied, and the secretion of substances decreased, which means There are also fewer raw materials for bacteria to decompose, so the body odor will be much lighter.

It is said that it is a mutation that occurred in our ancestors during the migration process. Judging from the results of big data, countries in East Asia include China, South Korea and Japan. Most people have the ABCC11 gene. mutation occurred. In other ethnic groups, the AA genotype rarely appears. Perhaps, in the early stages of human evolution, body odor was the result of natural selection.

Second, there are a lot of people who have smell under their armpits

< span>Narrow sense of body odor and underarm odor mean the same thing. In my country, the incidence rate of underarm odor among the Han population is 6.41%, and among the Uyghur and Mongolian population is 15.5% and 8.52%. Looking at foreigners, Africans and The incidence of underarm odor in Caucasians is as high as 50% to 100%.

Usually underarm odor can be divided into 4 grades according to the odor concentration.

  • Grade 0: that is, no underarm odor can be smelled under any conditions;
  • Grade 1: After strenuous activity, only one can smell a slight underarm odor;
  • Grade 2: After light activity, only a relatively strong underarm odor can be smelled within 30cm Odor;
  • Grade 3: When people are resting, they can still smell a strong underarm odor even if the range exceeds 30cm;
  • < /ul>

    Dr. Chen Bin from the Huangpu Branch of the Ninth People’s Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine pointed out that some patients have undergone multiple surgeries, but still feel that they have an odor that cannot be removed, including even Possibly not sick at all.

    This may be “arm odor phobia”, which is a psychological disease, which seriously affects the quality of life of patients.

    There are all kinds of advertisements about underarm odor in real life, such as the popular “Nano Traceless” on the Internet. Dr. Chen Bin said that these are all marketing methods. These so-called “advanced equipment” are unheard of and unreliable. It is better to go to a regular hospital to treat underarm odor.

    Third, how to treat body odor?

    The problem of body odor is difficult to solve, So various folk remedies have emerged, such as frying salt and putting it under the armpit, or smearing the liquid under the armpit with borneol dissolved in alcohol. This can indeed temporarily help absorb sweat or inhibit sweat secretion, making people feel short-lived. Refreshing, but it is only a short-term elimination of body odor. It is not a long-term solution. In the long-term, it will stimulate the local skin.

    To solve the problem of body odor, non-surgical meanssuch as antiperspirant and other sprays Spray deodorant to reduce underarm sweat secretion and inhibit bacteria to reduce body odor, as well as underarm hair removal, or inject botulinum toxin in the armpit to block sweat gland nerve transmission, above The methods are indeed less traumatic and quicker to recover, but they treat the symptoms but not the root cause! Especially if you use too much antiperspirant, you may have pigmentation problems, and the effect of botulinum toxin is not long-lasting.

    So, the most scientific and effective way to treat body odor is surgery.

    Body odor surgery can be performed with minimally invasive procedures, includingapocrine suction and microincision apocrine removal, The former has less trauma, less bleeding and faster recovery, but the disadvantage is that there are more residual tissue in the apocrine glands and a higher recurrence rate, while the latter can completely remove the axillary apocrine glands with good effect and postoperative recurrence The rate is low, but there is the possibility of subcutaneous hemorrhage during the operation, which may cause subcutaneous hematoma or lead to skin necrosis.

    If surgery is required, it is recommended that after the age of 18, people’s physical development is basically mature. However, if the child is more sensitive, or has been troubled by body odor for a long time, which has affected his life and study, or has become inferior because of body odor, he can also undergo surgery in advance under the guidance of a doctor.

    Of course, the occurrence of body odor is also related to bad habits. For example, wear light and breathable clothes in summer, wash clothes (especially underwear) every day, and pay attention to the skin under the armpits when taking a bath. In addition, the work and rest should be kept regular, the resistance is stronger, and the resistance to various germs is stronger, and at the same time, it is necessary to maintain a happy mood.

    There are more than watermelons and air conditioners in the big summer. As everyone knows, your “aroma” may also permeate this hot summer. If the body odor is serious, it is recommended to go to the hospital in time for treatment There is no need to feel inferior because of body odor for examination and treatment. Nowadays, with advanced medical methods, body odor can still be solved!


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